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With the grace of our Sri Swamiji, School Mass Prayers for the 10th/ 12th standard (appearing for board exams) have been conducted at Salem on 01st February 2016. The arrangements have been made in an excellent way by Mr.Venkatraman & Mrs.Sheela. Sri Muraliji representing our GOD India, attended to these School prayers and gave lectures.

The list of schools (3 schools and 3490 students) have been given below:

Sri Vidya Mandir HSC (CBSE), Shevapet (585), 2) Vasavi HSC, Shevapet (765), 3) The Gugai HSC, Gugai (2140)

Satsang attended by Sri Murali representing GOD, India at various places in Salem between 16.07.2010 till 23-07-2010 for a week:
Sri Muraliji of our satsang performed satsangs at various places in and around Salem from 16th to 23rd July 2010. Below is a detailed list of all the satsangs.
Date: 16.07.2010,
Place: Amarathanur, MariAmman Koil near Mecherry, Time: Evening 7-8pm
Contact Person: Mr.Sambasivam, Ph: 98428 02118
Sri Sambasivam who is a teacher by profession organized this satsang. The Satsang went on very well with more than 25 children and 10 elders attending the same. Sri Muraliji has narrated the story of Pundaleeka and the importance of taking care of parents and giving due respect to the elders. Sri Sambasivam has been conducting satsangs for the last few years near Mecherry. Everyone chanted “Hare Rama” Mahamantiram actively at the conclusion of the Satsang. Our Sri Swamiji also came to this temple last month during his visit to Salem.

Date: 17.07.2010,
Place: Muthunayakkam Patti, Perumal Koil, Time: Evening 7-8pm
Contact Person: Mr.Sridhar, Ph: 99943 05202
Sri Sridhar organized this satsang. More than 30 elders participated in the Satsang where Sri Muraliji has narrated short moral stories, quotes from Avvaiyaar and importance of chanting Mahamantra. The devotees have been chanting Mahamantra for the last few years with a great devotion. Everyone chanted Mahamantra actively at the conclusion of the Satsang. Our Sri Swamiji came to this temple last month during his visit to Salem.

Date: 18.07.2010,
Place: Namadwaar, Swarnapuri,
Time: Evening 5.30-7.30pm
Sri Mohan Kumar, in-charge of our Salem-Namadwaar has been conducting “Nagara Sangeerthanam” every Sunday evening around our Namadwaar. The Satsang started off with the Nagara Sangeerthan for half-hour and later on Sri Muraliji gave a speech on the importance of having a Guru, story of Kabirdas and few quotes from Ramayanam. The Satsang went on very well with more than 25 elders attending the same.

Date: 19.07.2010,
Place: Pethanayakam Palayam, Narasimhar Koil, Time: Evening 7-8pm
Contact Person: Mr.Sri Balaji Battar, Ph: 91506 70352
This was a day of Swathi Nakshatiram being the star of Lord Narasimha and our Sri Swamiji. This satsang was organized by Sri Balaji Battachariyar. He has been chanting Mahamantra for more than 15 years at the same place. More than 30 elders have participated in the Satsang. Sri Muraliji narrated Story of Prahladha and greatness of lord Narasimha with quotes from Azhwars and importance of chanting Mahamantram. The devotees have chanted Mahamantram with great devotion at the conclusion of our Satsang.

Date: 20.07.2010,
Place: Sri Anjaneyar Koil, Zakiramma Palayam, Time: Evening 6.30-8pm
Contact Person: Ms.Subashini, Ph: 98427 76419
The satsang was organized the first time here by Smt Subashini of our Satsang who is also a teacher by profession. More than 25 elders participated in the Satsang. Sri Muraliji explained the greatness of Sri Anjaneya as a “Guru” and the importance of chanting Rama Naama. Everyone chanted Mahamantra with a great interest at the conclusion of the Satsang. The temple authorities have assured us of a weekly chanting of Mahamantra at the temple.

Date: 21.07.2010,
Place: Old Age Home, Chinna Tirupathi, Time: Day 11.30am-1pm
Contact Person: Mr. Sriram, Ph: 94432 89255
Organized by Sri Sriram, an Auditor by profession, this satsang was attended by more than 40 elders. The greatness of our Mother Country Bharath/ Mahatmas and importance chanting GOD’s name was stressed. The organisers have assured us of a daily chanting of Mahamantra during their prayer.

Date: 21.07.2010,
Place: Devotee’s Residence, Salem, Time: Day 07-08 30pm
Contact Person: Mr. Sathish Kumar, Ph: 98420 32514
Sri Sathish Kumar organized this satsang in which more than 20 elders have participated The greatness of Rama Naama with quotes from Azwars and story of Sri Badrachala Ramadasar was narrated.

Date: 22.07.2010,
Place: Gokulanatha Hindu Mahajana School, Salem, Time: Day 11.30am-1pm
Contact Person: Mr. Sriram, Ph: 94432 89255, School no: 2452926 and 2413975

More than 200 students studying in 10th and 12th Classes along with teachers participated in the program. Sri Muraliji explained the increasing competition among students in education and the necessity to have constant updating of knowledge, self confidence, giving respect to Parents and Teachers and the requirement of GOD’s intervention in our efforts to have grand success. The students have been given Mahamantra stickers. The students have chanted Mahamantra happily at the conclusion. The school organisers have assured us of a daily chanting of Mahamantra during their prayer.

Date: 22.07.2010,
Place: Namadwaar, Gandhi Nagar, Time: Evening 06.30-08pm
Contact Person: Mr. Venkatraman, Ph: 98427 10560
The day being “Aashada Ekadasi”, Sri Venkatraman of our Satsang has organised for this Satsang at the “Namadwaar”. Sri Muraliji spoke on the greatness of “Guru” by giving quotes from Ramayanam,Azhwars and Mahatmas. The Satsang was attended by more than 25 elders.

Date: 23.07.2010,
Place: Sri Anjaneyar Koil, Ponnammalpettai, Time: Evening 6-7pm
Contact Person: Ms. Kavitha, Ph: 98429 36782 and Ms.Saradha, Ph:94432 31914
Organised by Ms.Kavitha of our Satsang, more than 15 children and 15 elders attending the same. Sri Muraliji narrated the story of Bhaktha Sabari from Ramayana and the importance of chanting “Rama Naama”. Weekly chanting of Mahamantra at the temple has been happening for quite some time. Everyone chanted “Hare Rama” Mahamantra actively at the conclusion of the Satsang. Our Sri Swamiji came to this temple last month during his visit to Salem.

Date: 23.07.2010,
Place: Smt Lakshmi Ramanan’s Residence, Salem, Time: Evening 8-9pm
Contact Person: Mr.Venkatraman, Ph: 98427 10560
Smt Lakshmi Ramanan hosted this satsang at her residence. The greatness of Rama Naama, quotes from the history of Sri Adisankarar, Sri Ramanujar and Azwars were narrated. The importance of chanting Mahamantra was well received by everyone and they chanted with a great devotion at the conclusion of the Satsang.

Hare Rama Akhandanama was conducted at Salem Namadwaar on 17th November 2009 as part of Sri Sri Swamiji’s jayanthi. The akhandanama was between 6.00 am in the morning to 6.00 pm in the evening. More than 40 devotees took part in the celebrations. Prasadam was arranged for all the devotees.

Sri M K Ramanujam visited Salem Namadwaar on 6th and 7th of June 2009 and did a two day session on Srimad Bhagavatham – First day the Mahatmyam was extolled and the second day the first chapter of the Mahapuranam was explained. About 30 people attended the lectures in Namadwaar precincts.

Sri Chaturbujadas, who takes care of Salem Namadwaar, had quickly informed devotees on this Satsang and the response was very good. The plan is to have regular Bhagavatham lectures in Namadwaar by GOD India devotees at least 2 days every month.

On 7th, Sri Ramanujam and Sri Chaturbujadas attended the Akhandanama bhajan at residence of Sri Karunakaranji – an ardent devotee of Bhagavan Yogi Ramsuratkumar Maharaj. Sri Murali who had attended the lecture on Saturday hosted Sri M K Ramanujam for a morning Satsang at his residence. He insisted on a satsang at his native place – Pudukode in Palghat district. Since the next stop was Ernakulam Namadwaar and this place was enroute to Ernakulam, the plan was agreed upon.

Satsangs were conducted by Sister Poornima of our Chaitanya mahaprabhu Nama Bhiksha Kendra in Salem last week.


The Namadwaar at Salem, in Sornapuri, is open for public to chant the Mahamantra from 8 AM in the morning till 12 noon and 5 PM in the evening till 8 PM. Sister Poornima gave discourses on the greatness, ease and sweetness of the simple path shown by our saints and Satguru. The satsangs in Salem Namadwaar were held on 24th and 26th of June, 2008. More than 40 devotees enjoyed the satsang. All the devotees agreed that they were fortunate to have Namadwaar there with Sri Swamiji’s blessings. The devotees who were freshly introduced to Namadwaar’s activities promised to join in the chanting and the Nagara Sankirtan that happens every Sunday from 5 PM to 6 PM starting from our Salem Namadwaar located at C69, Pillaiyar Koil Street,Sornapuri,Salem.

On 25th June 2008, Sister Poornima joined the devotees of Muthunaikampetty in chanting the Mahamantra in the Sinivasa Perumal temple there. More than 60 devotees gathered to listen to the discourse stressing on the Divine Grace of the Lord. Chanting the divine names of the Lord as the quickest way to ensure grace was expounded with short stories from the lives of saints.

More than 30 villagers of Amarathaanoor Village in Mechery gathered in Sri Sambasivam Residence for a satsang on 27th June 2008. After chanting the Mahamantra for a few minutes, Sister Poornima discoursed on the glory of the Mahamantra. In the course of her lecture she said, “Lord, who is never cheated by pomp and show, volunteers to grace a loving heart. Chanting the divine names fills one with Divine Love. When we seek something, the ones who love us, give us everything. So does the Lord.” The devotees of the village acknowledged this enthusiatically and promised to join the Mahamantra Kirta conducted at Sri Sambasivam’s residence every Sunday and a Srinivasa Perumal temple near by every Saturday.

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