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Puranava 2014 – Bangalore

The Semi Finals and Finals of the Puranava 2014, Bengaluru – Inter District Indian Heritage Quiz Competition was held at St. Joseph Indian Institution Auditorium, Bangalore on 6th September ‘14. All 23 schools that qualified to the Semi Finals from the zonal rounds put in special efforts to prepare their children for the ‘Grand Day’.  Over 250 students participated were present at the venue cheering for their schools respectively.

The Program commenced with lighting of lamp, followed by chanting of the Mahamantra by one and all present.  All teachers/principal from the participating schools were felicitated before the commencement of the three Pre-Final rounds.

Thereafter, activities of the GOD India Trust (Bangalore chapter) were presented by Delhi Kumar, including a brief of the zonal rounds of Puranava. Sri U Ve R. Balaji, Principal, Sandeepani Patasala and Sri Ramanujamji comprised the jury for the Semi-Finals & Finals. Quiz Masters Vijay Subramaniam and Roopa Gurumurthy conducted the three pre-finals admirably. About 6 teams qualified for the Grand Finals of Puranava 2014, Bengaluru. Abhishek Narayan, the Quiz Master for finals provided valuable titbits to the audience making the event very well received.

This year featured a variety of entertaining rounds for both semi-finals & finals with slokas from Srimad Bhagavatham. There was excitement and enthusiasm all around as positions kept swinging at the end of each round. The entire auditorium was reverberating with cheers during the entire course of the event.

Poorna Pragnya High school, Malleswaram emerged winners while Sri Pawan English School, Malleswaram emerged the runners up followed by Cluny convent, Rajaji Nagar. Participating students from both the Semi-finals and the Finals were presented with Certificates & gift vouchers.

Dr. Anil Rao Paila, Dean , Welingkar Institute of Management and Research & Mrs. Devaki Kumar, Principal , Chinmaya Vidyalaya, St. Johns Road, Ulsoor, were the Chief Guests for the event and delivered an inspiring talk to the children, where the quest to know & learn from our Puranas are facilitated by GOD India Trust in such a simple & defining manner. Sri Gurumurthy, who anchored the program, ended the event with the national anthem.

Puranava ’14, the annual Inter school Heritage quiz organised by GOD India Trust was conducted on 2 August (Saturday) under the benign blessings of His Holiness Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji. The event kicked off at 10 AM with about 150 teams (of three students each) representing 65 schools, participating in the prelims round. With 25 questions including five swing questions, the teams were given thirty seconds to brainstorm and come up with the answer in the prelims round. Tapovan Hall, the venue of the event, occupied by students from many different schools attired in their respective uniforms truly resonated our Bharatiya theme ‘Unity in Diversity’. As soon as the prelims got over, answer sheets were collected, for evaluation by a panel of five eminent people. Answers to the questions were discussed during that time in the midst of were loud cheers and thunderous applause, post which the six finalists were decided. The Finals for the event was designed with four rounds, each testing the knowledge of finalists in the History of India, History of Chennai and Sanatana Dharma (Srimad Bhagavatham and Ramayanam in particular). The quiz master, MK Ramanujamji had the session very lively and interactive providing trivia on the answers as well as generously questioning audience on related topics. The finals was a keenly contested battle, bringing out the better out of the three participants from Maharishi Vidya Mandir, the winnersAMM Matriculation, the runners. Prizes were distributed by Manikandanji of Oman and Hariharanji of Chennai, India. Students and teachers alike, lauded the question bank of the quiz, for its fine mix between Religion and History. The students and their accompanying teachers, parents were served food by GRT Hotels and Resorts. The event, thus concluded with students vowing to participate in Puranava ’15.

With the blessing of HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, Samskruti’ 14, the annual heritage fest was organised by Global Organisation for Divinity India Trust the third consecutive year, on 27 July, Sunday commencing at 9 AM. With as many as seven Art & Craft contests revolving around the theme “Long, long ago in India”, the event witnessed participation of about 750 students from 55 schools in Chennai, occupying an entire floor of Ramakrishna Mission School, T Nagar, the venue! In particular, the ‘Pot Painting’ contest, depicting ‘Music, Dance and Folklore’, attracted maximum students, giving rise to the most intense competition among all. One of the parents cheekily remarked “Students are having a field day while the judges aren’t“. The prize distribution ceremony began at half past one with Ramanujamji explaining the need for the heritage fest and requested parents and teachers alike, to send students for such heritage fests. During the ceremony, judges for the competition; Nishaji and Priyaji of USA, detailed the various criteria employed in judging the winning entries and highlighted how multiple entries succeeded in checking all boxes (leaving one to think how right the parents’ remark was). The winners were announced a midst thunderous applause and loud cheers. The rolling shield, awarded to a school based on ‘number of winning entries’, ‘number of participants’ etc was bagged by Hari Shree Vidyalayam, Chennai, whose teachers, students collectively received the shield from Manikandji of Oman. With no exception to the rule ‘All good things need to come to an end’, the organisers wrapped up the event, thanking the generous sponsors for extending support, volunteers from MOP Vaishnav College, Chennai for assisting in supervising the students and inviting students to participate in Puranava’ 14, (to be held on 2 August, Saturday), the annual heritage quiz. The event was well covered by the media houses, with Dinamalar, the popular tamil daily, covering the events in great detail in Page 3 of its Monday edition (28 July).

A motivational talk was delivered by Ramanujamji to the 10th and 12th standard students (around 450) of Sri Sankara Vidyalaya, East Tambaram on 19 July.

Ramanujamji focused on the importance of studying for the purpose of learning vis-a-vis studying for securing higher marks, highlighting how the former would benefit the students enrich their knowledge as well score higher marks in the exams.

The interactive session also witnessed a number of students expressing their perspective of exams and Ramanujamji clarifying the true intent of exams by explaining the concept of ‘competition’.

The program ended on a high with the students chanting the Hare Rama Mahamantra, the 6-3-2 way, an excerpt posted here.

Bengaluru GOD Satsang organized a lecture program for students at the Amar Jyothi school, KR Puram, Bengaluru on 15th July 2014.

Ramanujamji spoke on “Stretching to reduce fear” to about 120 students of tenth standard . The session was very interactive and lively and well received by the students.

On June 9, 2014, Sri Poornimaji conducted a kids program at the residence of Shri Vijayji and Smt. Sividya Vijay at Wellington, NZ.

The 3rd Year Annual Day Celebrations of Madhurya Sloka Class conducted by Bhuvana Kumar was held in Koramangala on the 17th July 2010. Over a 100 children have been a part of this journey since the commencement of the classes in July 2007.

This year featured a variety of entertainment program(s) commencing with a Ganesh stuthi. Different age group (s) of children performed a mix of dance, play, slokas recitation, heritage quiz, storytelling, Mahamantra divyanam etc.

Children in the age group of 4- 6 yrs. performed a dance set to the famous song “Natawarlal Giridhar Gopal”. This was followed by Sri Krishna Sudama Play. Children above 6 yrs then performed a dance sequence set to the most divine song “Maraindhu Vandhu Vennai thirudum Kalla Krishna”. All the children then participated in a Heritage Quiz revolving around the history of Rama & Krishna. A few children then narrated some of the moral stories learnt in the class. An added attraction to the function was the performance by the children from Kalkere village, who danced in the divyanamam style to the chanting of Hare Rama Mahamantra. Every child dressed in the costume of Krishna & Gopi depicted a truly divine environment.

The audience present was overjoyed by the versatility of events featured in the Annual day function.

This year, we had the privilege to honour Sri Naveen Bhatt since it was he who inaugurated the first session of the Class 3 years back. Sri. Naveenji then spoke about the power of “Bhagwan Nama” and how “Nama” alone can take us to a level of attaining spiritual upliftment as well as material benefits that we desire. Over a 100 people (parents and well-wishers) were present on the occasion

Smt. Rajni Sridhar, Sri. Sridharji, Smt. Vijayalakshmi, Sri Krishnadas from GOD organization participated in the function.

Many parents volunteered to join the cause of our “GOD” Organization to the service of children & mankind.

On 11th July 2010, a Workshop was organized in the Hindu center to interact with children and the teachers who take spiritual classess on a weekly basis. Sri Ramanujamji participated and led the workshop.

The first session was with the subjuniors – There were energetic children upto the 5th grade. They chanted shlokas sweetly. Then it was story time. Ramanujamji told the story of the Butter thief Krishna. THe children were very very overjoyed listening to the naughty leela of Krishna. Then a small quiz program was done with the group about details regarding Krishna leela. The session ended with Mahamantra chanting.

The second session was with Junior group who wqere 6 to 8 graders. They were learning sri rama rama ramethi shloka and the budhir bhalam shloka. Ramanujamji explained the background to the first shloka and explained word by word meaning of the second shloka. The 6-3-2 Mahamantra chanting was taught and practised. Mahamantra stickers were presented to all the children.

The third session was with the seniors, who were learning Ramayana. Some interesting aspects of Ramayana and the wonderful qualities of Sri Rama was discussed with the group. The session ended with mahamantra chanting.

The fourth session was with the new batch of teachers who have volunteered to teach in the Hindu center. Ramanujamji talked about the nobility of the teaching, esp if done voluntarily. Teaching is the easiest way to expand one’s consciousness and we learn rapidly as we teach. Ramanujamji congratulated the benign step to teach children selflessly.

The morning was fillled with sweet thoughts of the benign service The Hindu center is doing for the uplift of Singapore culture and values.

Avadi satsang had organized a summer programme “Madhura Maarudham” for satsang children at the residence of Kovoor Shanmugam, who coordinates for satsangs in and around Avadi on 6th June 2010 from 4.00 PM to 8.00 PM.

About 30 children and 30 parents participated and lot of competitions like Story recitation, singing, dancing, quiz etc were conducted for children. The programme started with Nama and concluded with Nama. All the children were given prizes, mostly the books released by our Mission. Nice refreshments were also arranged and to the surprise of the participants, that day become very cool due a good shower in the morning hours, and by the grace of Sri Sri Swamiji, the programme went on well.
Ambathur Sivakumar, Ambathur Hema, Avadi Gunavathi and Santhosh of Bala Vittal Bajan Samaj of Ambathur also joined their hands to make the programme a grand success.

Global Organization for Divinity – Bangalore chapter conducted the 2nd year “Madhurya Heritage camp” in Koramangala from 06th to 17th April 2010 in the residence of Bhuvana Kumar at Raheja Residency. The response to the camp was encouraging. 41 children in the age group of 4 -12 years participated in the camp

The camp featured Slokas, Bhajans, Yoga, fireless cookery, first aid, lots of craft work, moral stories and mythological games for all age groups. In addition, for children in the age group of 7-12years, Balakaandam and Sundara Kaandam slokas from “Nama Ramayana” were also taught. Everyday, the camp started & concluded with the chanting of Mahamantra by the entire group. There was an added attraction of “Puppet Show” for the kids conducted by a professional artist Smt Jayashree.

Children enjoyed every session of the camp as could be gathered from the feedback provided by them to their parents almost every other day. Apart from the above, the camp inculcated the habits amongst these kids of helping the younger one’s, participation in group activities, over come shyness etc.

Smt Bhuvana Kumar, Smt. Rajni Sridhar , Smt Vijayalakshmi, Smt Jayanthi Venkatadri, Smt Rajini, Smt Roopa gurumurthy, Smt. Chandra Shankar & Ms. Aparna Sankarnarayan from our satsangh were of full support to the camp. Smt Rajalakshmi from Raheja Residency, a well wisher to all GOD activities was a pillar of strength in the camp activities.

On the concluding day of the camp (17th April 2010), parents of the participating children were invited to the party hall, where the children presented all the Slokas & Bhajans that were learnt during the camp. All the Art & craft work done by the children were put on display. Children were also presented with gifts. Hand made dolls made by Smt. Rajini Sridhar was also displayed for sale. Parents were also given a short introduction to the various activities of the GOD organization. Over 100 people were present on this occasion. Sweets & Savories were also distributed.

Parents appreciated the activities done during the camp and were overwhelmed that their children have learnt so many Slokas & Bhajans in such a short period and the effort of “GOD” Organization to the service of children & mankind. Many parents pledged continued support to many more program of such nature. Some of the feedbacks received from the parents are…

  • It was a valuable experience. Children enjoyed and learnt a lot about our tradition – Priya & Manav Subodh
  • My kid enjoyed the camp. It would have been nice if the camp was for a longer duration – Rohini & Vijay
  • Kids loved it. Please have a second session. Timings – Good. Activities – Great, Group size – Perfect, Venue – Perfect – Uma & Balasubramaniam
  • It was very good experience for the kids & parents. I was amazed when my younger daughter of 4 yrs was able to sing long slokas with clarity & happiness which was unknown to me. I would like to stand & support this organization all the time. – Geetha & Vinodh
  • Yours is such a different camp. It was such a wonderful gift to the Raheja children to learn our great Indian culture –  Venkat
  • It is commendable to see such young kids learn slokas & bhajans. Thank you for all the efforts. Very good art & craft work. Next time please include devotional dance for the kids – Kudos for your expert team – Neelam Malik
  • Navdeep has lot of interest in learning our culture. Your camp & sloka class has helped him. Almost all the recipies that you have taught, Navdeep has tried on his own at home as well. Thank you for your wonderful initiative. – Jaya & Biju

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