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A mass prayer was done at Maharishi Vidya Mandir School, Karaikudi on Saturday, the 22nd November, 2008 by Global Organisation for Divinity India Trust (GOD).


Sri Balaji of Chennai Satsang gave a speech stressing on the importance of “Focused Mind” and “Prayers” as tools for success. He narrated the story of “Dhruva” as an example. The students listened to it with apt attention. This was followed by a mass prayer in which more than 1500 students participated in chanting the Mahamantra. Sri Sethuraman, Principal of the School appreciated and thanked Sri Balaji for sowing seeds of Mahamantra in the young minds.

Sri Krishnaswamy, Sri Ramakrishnan, Smt Chandra Ramakrishnan and Sri Balachandar of Karaikudi Satsang had organized this program.


The concept of including the chanting of “Mahamantra” during regular prayer sessions in Government schools in and around Bangalore city is moving at a steady pace.

Mrs. Kanchana has been spearheading this mission along with the active support of   Mrs. Vijayalakshmi, Mrs. Meena Chandrashekar, Mrs. Swarnalatha and Mrs. Bhuvana in getting approvals from the Central Board to address each of the School Management and the students of over 22 Government schools.

These sessions have started in full swing with the following schools having already been covered.

1. Government Middle School                  – Kodihalli, Bangalore
2. Ambedkar Middle School                    - Kodihalli, Bangalore
3. Corporation Primary School                – Lakkasandra, Bangalore
4. Government Middle and Primary School - Lakkasandra, Bangalore
5. Government Middle and Primary School - Dairy Circle, Bangalore
6. Government Middle and Primary School - Thavarakere, Bangalore
7. Government Middle and Primary School - Jeevan Bhima Nagar, Bangalore

Apart from these Government Schools, senior students of Miranda Institution

At the request of the management of MOP Vaishnav College for Women, a Satsang programme was organized to commemorate the ‘World Peace Day’ in the college premises.

On the morning of 19th September 2008, between 9.40 am to 10.30 am in the morning, about 175 students belonging to the Sanskrit and Commerce departments assembled at the ‘Meghdoot’ Auditorium in the college premises. The event started with Mrs. Pankaja, the Head of Sanskrit department in the college, giving an introductory speech and with short and sweet lectures of couple of college students.

The Satsang started as the Mahamantra was sung for 5 minutes. The students heeded to the request of our team members to join in singing. Then, Sri Ramakrishnahari took the stage and delivered an interactive speech for 30 minutes. He highlighted through examples that peaceful living, which in essence connotes ‘happiness’, as the only objective of human existence. It was explained that the goal of religion and spirituality is this ‘happy living’. Further, ‘spirituality’ was exhorted to be the only permanent source of happiness. The Divine Names of God is the highest form of spiritualism, as endorsed by all faiths.


Mahamantra was again chanted for few minutes. Later, the speaker explained how this simplest, yet the purest way of worship could be interlaced in our day-to-day life to bring peace to one and all and thereby leading to ‘world peace’. As a culmination to the Satsang, all the students enthusiastically joined our Satsang members to chant the Mahamantra for another 5 minutes. At the same time they submitted their sincere prayers to God who himself has assumed the form of our hallowed Mahamantra. 

The participants from Global Organization for Divinity were Smt. Savithri Vasudevan , who had organized for this session, Sri Ramakrishnahari, Smt. Bharathi Ramakrishnahari, Smt. Guhapriya Karthikeyan, Sri Shankar, who played the Harmonium and Sri Harish who played the Dholki.

An interactive session on “Happiness and Success” was organized in the Govt polytechnic college, Purasawalkam by Mrs. Guhapriya. The audience was 200 students of final year from all the three braches in the Polytechnic and about 5 faculties.


First, Mrs. Guhapriya spoke for 30 minutes raising the motivational levels of the students. Swami Vivekananda and Dr. Abdul Kalam were widely quoted in the lecture. The idea of how strong mind with noble virtues will make a complete man was conveyed through parables. The greatness of the Mahamantra was described and it was chanted for 11 times at the end of the speech.


Then, Sri Ramakrishnahari spoke on the importance of control of mind for achieving success in any endeavor. Through a casual & friendly approach, the students were made to come out of their shell and they started interacting well. The true meaning of ‘success in life’ and the concept of ‘happy living’ were expounded. Finally, students were convinced on how Mahamantra could be the effective medium to control the mind and ultimately lead them to an everlasting inner bliss & happiness.


The Students posed questions during the session on the Mahamantra-based-meditation. A miracle performed by our beloved Master through the Mahamantra was narrated in reply to an earnest questioner. The speech lasted for 40 minutes.


At the end of the session, all the students closed their eyes and chanted the Mahamantra with rapt inner attention. Indeed, it was a sight to behold! Before the speakers left the hall, the students swarmed around them and asked them many questions and narrated their happiness in having received the Mahamantra. By the grace of our beloved Gurudev, the program was a grand success!

Ganesh Bai Gallada Jain School, Mint Street, Chennai

The Principal of this school wished to have a Mahamantra chanting session in their school for the welfare of the students on the auspicious day of Guru Poornima. At 8.40 am, the sessions started with chanting of Mahamantra for around 30 minutes. The students of 10th and 12th standards, who were the participants, sang beautifully in unison with enthusiasm. It was followed by a short lecture by Smt Guhapriya Karthikeyan wherein it was highlighted that the ideal learning becomes a pleasure and stress-free when one likes it. Ultimately, it brings out the best performance out of us. The sessions concluded at 9.30 am. There were more than 120 students who participated in these sessions.

TTV School, Mint Street, Chennai

This is a prominent school for the ‘not-so-privileged’ people of the society. A satsang comprising of Nama Sankirtan and lecture was held on the school ground for the 10th and 12th standard students between 10 am and 10.40 am. The lecture, by Sri Hareram of our Chennai Kendra, focused on self-confidence. The students rejoiced the lecture and chanted enthusiastically.  Around 75 students participated in this chanting.

Tagore Vidyalaya, Otteri, Chennai

Students from 1st standard to 5th standard participated in the satsang from 10.15 am to 11.15 am. After chanting of the Mahamantra for sometime, Sri Sathyanarayanan eloquently narrated few stories to instill the values of obedience and highlighted the importance of chanting the Mahamantra. We hope that the seeds sown in the young minds today would grow into a large tree one day. The school did not have a formal prayer session everyday. The Principal of the school has now agreed to chant the Mahamantra as their daily prayer. More than 300 students participated.

Kannada Sangam School, T Nagar, Chennai

With the devoted efforts of the school Principal, all the school children chanted the Mahamantra for a few minutes on this auspicious day.

Smt Guhapriya Karthikeyan and Smt Chitra Ganesh had coordinated for the above events.


On the day of Guru Poornima, 18th July 2008, a short lecture was organized for the 10th and 12th standard students of Lady Sivasamy Iyer Girls Higher Secondary School, Mylapore, Chennai. The program was organized by our Satsang member Smt Chitra Ganesh and conducted by Sri Sathyanarayanan of our Chennai kendra. The program was held for an hour and more than 700 students had participated and benefited by this program.



Sri Sathyanarayanan was able to keep the attention of all these students for more than an hour through an interactive lecture. He spoke on the subject “Planning for success”. His lecture made the students to understand easily on the step-by-step process of planning to reach the goal. He stressed the need to get the grace of God to be successful in one’s life. He concluded that the keys to success as Planning and Grace of God. He insisted finally that Grace of God could be easily secured through chanting the Mahamantra.


The teachers and the students gave a positive feedback on this program. The teachers wished to have similar programs in future for other classes too.

Swati (English) School, Madhapur

Satsang was started again in the school and the first session went very well with about 100 students attending it. The sessions started with the Hare Rama Nama Sankirtan, and followed by some stories from our Puranas. The first was the story of war between Arjuna and Karna in Mahabaratha. It was told as to how the de-motivation of Shalya made Karna lose, and how the motivation of Lord Krishna helped Arjuna who was all submerged in negativism. This was followed by Nama Sankirtan and story of Sant Ekanath was extolled. The sessions ended with Nama Sankirtan again, and books from Sri Ramakrishna Mutt and Hare Rama stickers were distributed to the children who helped in prayers and also in answering questions.

AP Model School, Madhapur

Over 150 children joined for the Satsang from various classes. The sessions started with Nama Sankirtan. Then the story of war between Arjuna and Karna in Mahabaratha and life history of Sant Ekanath was extolled to them, which they enjoyed a lot. A nice incident to share was, when the students were doing the Nama Sankirtan and stopped after some time, the children from neighbouring classes (where the normal classes were happening) were also chanting and continued singing on their own. The Nama Sankirtan was very loud and beautiful and was enjoyed by all. Books from Sri Ramakrishna Mutt and Hare Rama stickers were distributed to the children who helped in prayers and also in answering questions.



On 15th of April, 2008, Sri Balaji of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Namabhiksha Kendra, Chennai addressed a group of about 25 teachers of Sister Nivedita School, Dombivli, Mumbai. The principal, Mrs. Seema Phansikar had requested a session for the teachers, as they were stressed too much and each teacher was handling around 60 students in a section.
It was a very interesting session. He told them that the teachers can make a lasting impression on the students for the rest of their life. Whenever they had to teach a new concept, he asked them to teach it in such a way, that it touches their heart. Even though it may take more sessions than their planned one, he asked them to do it, so that the message reached every child in the class. Then, the children will start looking at them in a different angle.
He asked them to always boost the Confidence of the students and never discourage them at any point of time. He gave the example from Bhagavat Gita on how Sri Krishna boosted the confidence of the great warrior Arjuna, though Arjuna always felt he will not be able to fight the battle. That is why Sri Krishna is adored as the Jagatguru even today. Whereas Salya discouraged Karna always telling him that he was only a charioteer’s son and he will not be able to win Arjuna.
He asked them to shower unconditional love and compassion on the students which will make a lasting impression in the minds of children. He gave the example of Sri Sandeepani Guru’s love towards Krishna and Sudama. Once Krishna and Sudama, while staying in the gurukulam, went to the forest to collect wood for their Guru Mata. Before they could return, it started to rain heavily and so they placed the wood in a tree’s bark (to safeguard the wood from rain) and both of them were totally drenched in the rain. The next day when their guru saw their bakthi he was moved and he blessed them that they will always prosper in their life. And Krishna is reminded of this incident when Sudama meets him and he tells Sudama that it is only because of his Guru’s blessing that they have prospered.
So a teacher can always make a lasting impression on a student by his/her love.
And finally he told them that more than everything we require God’s blessing to spread this unconditional love and for that he asked them to chant the Mahamantra daily. The session ended with the chanting of the Mahamantra for some time.
The teachers enjoyed the session thoroughly. The Principal requested Sri Balaji to visit them whenever he was in Mumbai, so that she can arrange for a session.


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