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Following the four hour session on Happiness at Work at Srandard Greases Groups, the Corporate decided to take the next step to achieve a stress free life. SGG invited Ms.Poornima for a Meditation Workshop to conducted on 29th of May 2010 in their factory premises at Turbhe, Mumbai. With about 10 participants, the session went for 2 hrs. All the participants were eager to learn meditation with Mahamantra and also to make it a part of their day to day life.

On 19th May, Ms. Poornima of GOD India conducted a workshop on ‘Happiness at Work’ for the employees of Standard Greases Group in Turbhe, Navi Mumbai. About 20 Particpants benefitted by the workshop. At the end of the workshop all the participants expressed their happiness and felt confdent to lead a stress free life.

Normally it is said that we should enjoy our work and also have a sense of happiness when we are at work. Keeping that in mind, a “Happiness at Work” program was organized at State Bank of India, Bengaluru on 15th of May 2010. Mr. M K Ramanujam of GOD India Trust conducted this program.

More than 40 senior executives of State Bank of India, in the ranks of Manager and Assistant General Manage took part in this program. This program was well received by them and they said it was a very nice initiative. Mr. Gurumurthy of GOD, Bengaluru organized this program.

Sri Ramanujamji of GOD India conducted a program on ‘Transformational Leadership” for the premier IT company Cognizant Technology Solutions at their Chennai office on 24th, June 2009. The program was arranged by Sri G S Vijayakumar, a devotee of Sri Sri Swamiji and was conducted between 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm. This program was a part of series of initiatives of the company in improving leadership skills and to commemorate the month of June which was declared the “Month of Transformational Leadership” in the company. It was attended by about 40 associates comprising the middle management of the Quality team of the organization.

The program started with introductions by Sri Vijayakumar on Sri Ramanujamji and the topic of “Being open” was first taken up and then discussion moved towards the aspect of Paradigm shift and context was set for why transformation is required and the difference between change and transformation was clearly articulated. Then The Mission, Vision and Values of the company were also discussed.

The session was very interactive and lively with great participation from the audience. People showed great desire to learn and transform based on the excellent context and flow from the instructor – Sri Ramanujamji. He shared a lot of experience and expertise on the topic stressing every point with plenty of relevant examples and citations. Overall the program was a great eye opener and a great success. The Quality Head of the company shared the positive moments he experienced during the program and wanted everyone to implement as much learning as possible from the program. 

Photos related to the progam are available below

Appreciations poured in for the content and delivery of the program. Plenty of positive vibes and energy was felt at the end of the program.

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