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Ms.Poornima of GOD India Trust lectured on Nama Mahima on 12th June 2010 in Vallabh Building, Dharavi. The residents of Dharavi who attended the satsang expressed their happiness and eagerness to make the mahamantra a part of their day to day life.

The South India Bhajana Samaj at Matunga, mumbai, had invited Ms.Poornima and Ms.Priyanka of GOD India trust to conduct a four day satsang. The satsangs began with Ms. Priyanka’s lecture on Sant Namadev on 7th June which was followed by a lecture on Guru Mahima by Ms. Poornima. On 8th of June, Ms. Priyanka discoursed on Sant Tukkaram and Ms.Poornima followed by discoursing on Vaishnava Lakshana. On 10th and 11th of June Ms.Poornima lectured on Sant Tulasidasa and Sri Thiagaraja. All devotees who enjoyed the bliss of bhakti through Bhakta Charitras promised to chant Mahamantra every day together in the Samaj.

From 24th to 26th May, a series of lectures on ‘Bhakti Yoga’ were given Ms. Poornima in Chedda Nagar Subramania Swami Temple. The satsangs were conducted as a part of the Temple’s Vaikasi Vishakam celebrations. On the final day, the satsang started with ‘Nama Mahima’ by Ms.Priyanka which was followed by a discourse by Ms. Poornima.

The satsangs concluded with a mass prayer for world peace and a special prayer for the people affected by the Plane Crash in mangalore recently. The satsang was attended by more than 70 devotees everyday.

On 23rd May 2010, Ms. Poornima from GOD Satsang discoursed on ‘Bhakti Sutram’ in Sri Ram Mandir at Goregaon, Mumbai. More than 150 devotees relished the satsang and chanted mahamantra in the end.

Satsangs hosted by Nerul Bhakta Samaj in Sri Murugan temple hall started on 19th May 2010. Ms. Poornima spoke on Srimad Bhagavata Mahtmya followed by a 1:30hrs discourse on Satsang Mahima by Ms. Priyanka. On 20th, Ms. Priyanka started the satsang with ‘Guru Mahima’ .

Ms. Poornima followed it with a discourse on Vamana Avatara. On 21st, after a talk on ‘Narada charitram’ by Ms. Priyanka, Ms. Poornima spoke on Ambarisha Charitra. The satsang concluded with a mass prayer wit Mahamantra. Prayer requests were placed in the Prayer box by all the devotees. The satsang was well attended by more than 40 devotees every day.

On 19th May, Ms. Poornima of GOD India conducted a workshop on ‘Happiness at Work’ for the employees of Standard Greases Group in Turbhe, Navi Mumbai. About 20 Particpants benefitted by the workshop. At the end of the workshop all the participants expressed their happiness and felt confdent to lead a stress free life.

Ganesh Mandir Trust had conducted a two day satsang in the Ganesh Mandir in Uttam Society Mumbai. The satsang started on 15th May with mahamantra kirtan. It was followed by a talk by Ms.Poornima on ‘Bhagavata Saram’ in tamil.

On 16th, Ms.Poornima spoke on Bhagavata dharma as expounded in Srimad Bhagavata and elucidated on the Bhagavata Lakshana with the charitra of Sant Tukkaram. On both days, more than 40 devotees enjoyed the bliss of Bhagavatam.

Sriram Colony of Anderi was vibrant with Mahamantra keertan on 13th May 2010 as about 50 devotees gathered to chant after a discourse on Nama Mahima By Ms.Poornimaji of GOD India Trust. The satsangs began in the community hall of Sriram Colony on 10th May.
Poornimaji gave a series of lectures on “Bhagavata Dharma’ in Tamil from 10th to 13th May.. On the last day a mass prayer was conducted after the lecture. All the devotees chanted Mahamantra for about 20 minutes and this was followed by silent prayer. Many devotees also placed their prayer request in the prayer box kept for the purpose. The devotees in the community expressed their desire to chant Mahamantra every Saturday.

Satsangs in mumbai started on 8th may at 10:30 AM in Smt Sudha Krishnamurthyji residence in kansai Section, Ambarnath East.About 25 devotees had gathered that Saturday morning to chant the Mahamantra. This was followed by a short lecture in Hindi on ‘Nama Prabhav’.

In the evening we had a satsang at Smt. Tanuja Nair residence in Ambarnath East at 6 PM. About 45 devotees had gathered to listen to a lecture in Hindi on ‘Bhagavatha Dharma’. This was followed by 20mins of Mahamantra Kirtana.

At 10AM on the morning of 9th May, Sunday, we had a satsang in the slums of SwamiNagar located in West Ambarnath. More than 45 youngsters had gathered to listen to the Glory of the simple path of NamaKirtan. After an hour of lecture in Tamil, all chanted Mahamantra together for 15 Mins. Sri. Kannan, a 11th Std student in a local school, who had arranged for this satsang promised to chant mahamantra every Sunday with his friends.

AT 5 PM in the evening, about 60 devotees were gathered in Balaji temple in Balaji Nagar, Ambarnatn West. After about 20 Mins of Nama kirtan, Poornima discoursed on ‘Bhaktya Sulabho Bhagavan’ in Hindi. The temple authorities confessed that this was the very first Satsang where they had a katha Shravan after the installation of the
Temple in 1974. They invited our GOD to conduct more such satsangs to increase awareness and also came forward to organise a regular chanting of Mahamantra in their temple.

More Satsangs are scheduled in different parts of Mumbai.
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