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Home satsangs were organized in various places in Malaysia during Sri Bhagyaji’s visit to Malaysia.

By the boundless Grace of our Guru Maharaj, we had a wonderful 3-day Madhura utsav at Namadwaar Malaysia from July 10-12 2015 led by Sri Bhagyaji who is on a satsang tour to Malaysia.

Sri Sri Swamiji’s Kaakidha Malargal-2 book release by respected Datin Paduka Mother Mangalam of Pure Life Society… Madhurasmaranam-My Guru as I see Him parts 1-3… Beautiful Procession of Sri Premika Varadhan and the Holy padukas of Guru Maharaj with pushpanjali… Madhuragitam bhajan session.. Oonjal utsav and Bhog.

On July 6, 2015, Sri Bhagyaji conducted satsang at Shirdi Centre, Malaysia.

On July 3rd 2015, Sri Bhagyaji led a satsang at Adi Shankara Ashram in Penang, Malaysia.  Earlier in the day, he performed a mass prayer for students attending exams.

On July 2nd, Sri Bhagyaji led a Students’ mass prayer in the morning and satsangh on Guru Mahima followed by mahamantra kirtan at Divine life society in the evening.

On July 2, 2015, Dr. Bhagyaji led a lecture on Guru Mahima and mass prayer with mahamantra kirtan 7 to 10 pm at the Divine Life Society, Penang..  The event was well-attended and well-received.

The current round of satsangh in Namadwaar Malaysia came to a most grand conclusion on Sunday June 22nd with Govinda Pattabhishekam, a grand bhog and breathtaking alankaram to our Thakurji and Guru Maharaj.

On the morning of Sunday, June 22nd, Sri Bhagyaji led home satsangs in KL, Malaysia.

The second day of the 3-day long madhura utsavam was conducted at Namadwaar Malaysia on June 21st, 2014.

A three day Madhura Utsav was celebrated from June 20 to June 22 at KL, Malaysia.
On the day 1 of the Madhura utsavam, at Namadwaar Malaysia on June 20th, Madhuragitams were sung followed by Sri Bhagyaji’s Madhurasmaranam followed by pushpa varsham in the end to Sri Premika Varadhan.

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