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With the wonderful grace of our Sri Swamiji, School Mass Prayers for the 10th/ 12th standard (appearing for board exams) have been conducted at Madurai & Usilampatti from 25th November to 26th November 2015. The arrangements have been made in an excellent way by Sri Haridas. Sri Muraliji representing our GOD India, attended to these School prayers and gave lectures.

The list of schools (6 schools and 2520 students) have been given below:

1)    Indhira Matric HSC, Madurai (230) 2) Mahatma Montersory, K.K.Nagar (460) 3)Mahatma Montessori Residential HSS, Azhagar Koil (240) 4)Sriram Nallamani HSC (1200)  5) Kallar Govt HSC, Usulampatti (260)  6) Kallar Vakurai Govt HSC, Usulampatti (130)

With the wonderful grace of our Sri Swamiji, School Mass Prayers for the 10th/ 12th standard (appearing for board exams) have been conducted at Madurai from 9th to 12th January 2015. We also had a Mass Prayer for the general public at Melur, on 11th January 2015. The arrangements have been made in an excellent way by Sri Haridos. Sri Muraliji representing our GOD India, attended to these School prayers and gave lectures.

  • School Mass Prayers:

The list of schools (5 schools and 1550 students) have been given below:

1) Indhira Matric HSC, Madurai (200) 2)Mahatma Montersory, K.K.Nagar (450) 3)Mahatma Montessori Resdntial HSS, Azhagar Koil (300) 4)Mahatma Montessori Matric, Baba HSC & CBSE (600)

  • Melur:

The satsang was attended by more than 80 devotees and Sri Muraliji spoke on the greatness of Bhagavan and the importance of chanting Mahamantra in this age of Kali to obtain his blessings. Harerama stickers/ Kumkum and prasadhams were given to all the devotees.

With the wonderful grace of our Sri Swamiji, a mass prayer was arranged at Chellam Soap Mahal, Madurai on 2nd of November 2014 between 06 to 08.30pm in the evening. Excellent arrangements were done by Sri Haridas, in-charge for Madurai Namdwar and were very well co-ordinated by local Volunteers. Sri Murali represented our “Global Organisation for Divinity India Trust” and gave pravachanam.

The mass prayer started with our Gopa Kuteeram Children performing our Swamiji’s various keertans which grabbed the attention of one and all. A group of devotees from Annanagar, Madurai performed “Villu Pattu” wonderfully singing the greatness/ need of a Guru, the concept of Gopa Kuteeram and the features of Namadwar. Few devotees shared their successful Nama Anubhavam.

Sri Haridas explained our Madurai Namadwar activities and the details of Satsangs happening around Madurai. Sri Murali spoke on the greatness of God/ Guru, the importance of doing prayers to Bagavan and the need for chanting the divine names in this age of Kali with various quotes of Azhwars/Mahatmas.

The Mass Prayer was attended by more than 700 devotees. Hare Rama stickers and kumkum Prasad were given to all the devotees.

Hare Rama akhandanama was conducted at Madurai Namadwaar on 15th November 2009 between 6.00 am and 6.00 pm on the occassion of Sri Sri Swamiji’s jayanthi. Sri Naraharidas, the Namadwaar coordinator and other devotees, numbering over 50, participated in the akhandanama. Annadanam was organized for all the devotees, who chanted Nama with great devotion.

A week-long Bhagavata Saptaham was organized at Sri Madanagopalaswamy temple in Madurai from 10th to 16th March, to commemorate the first year anniversary of the Madurai Namadwaar.

Sri Ramanujamji discoursed on Srimad Bhagavatam for the first five days until 14th March.

On the eve of the anniversary, Sri Sri Swamiji arrived at Madurai and discoursed on Srimad Bhagavatam in the evening. Sri Sri Swamiji spoke on the greatness of Bhagavatam and gave a wonderful overview of the Purana.

More than 1500 devotees participated in the discourse and enjoyed the nectar of Bhagavatam.

On the final day, March 16, Sri Sri Swamiji started the discourse at the temple. More than 2000 devotees had gathered to listen to the Bhagavatam lecture by Sri Swamiji. His discourse covered the birth of Lord Krishna and His Divine plays. The discourse beautifully ended with a mass prayer with Mahamantra Kirtan.

Sri Sri Swamiji also spoke about the Nama Kirtan satsangs that are regularly happening around the globe – in the USA, Europe, Asia etc.
All the Namadwaar representatives present in the assembly were honored.

Sri Ramanujadas, Sri Vasudevan and Sri Selvakumar had organized the event.

Sri Sri Swamiji’s Jayanthi was celebrated at our Madurai Namadwaar on 29th October 2008 with the pleasing co-ordination of our Namadwaar In-Charge Sri Narahari Das. The day started with the chanting of “Mahamantra” from 6.00 am in the morning to 6.00 pm in the evening. On this auspicious day, our Madurai Namadwaar witnessed around 75 to 100 devotees during the Mahamantra chanting.

The devotees had brought with them fruits and flowers as offerings for the celebration. In the afternoon, a feast (Annadhanam) was arranged for all the devotees by Sri Kaliyan Ramanujam and few other volunteers. After completion of Mahamantra chanting at 6.00 pm, few devotees shared their pleasant experiences on account of the blissful blessings of Satguru.  


The success of this grand celebration has been because of the wonderful support from Smt.Mythili, Smt.Andaal, Smt.Pushpaveni, Smt.Seethalakshmi, Smt.Mallika Shekhar and other local volunteers who devoted their precious time.

Sri Krishna Jayanthi was celebrated at our Madurai Namadwaar in a grand manner on the evening of 23rd of August 2008 with the able assistance of our Namadwaar In-Charge Sri Narahari Das. The celebration happened with the complete participation of more than 100 people including 30 children. The Children actively involved and presented themselves in the guise of Sri Krishna and Sri Radha Rani to make it a fruitful occasion. The parents who accompanied their children to the occasion also voluntarily prepared and brought the Prasadams for offering to Sri Krishna.


The children chanted the “Mahamantra” with utmost devotion lasting for more than half of an hour, which made all people to feel like as if they were present in the “Holy Brindhavan and Gokulam”. The delightful feeling among the people in this divine atmosphere was boundless.

Sequentially the “Nagara Sangeerthanam” started, also being accompanied by evening drizzle, added with a pleasant breeze. All this made the city more sacred. With the kind of divinity surrounded during this great occasion, even the pedestrians were attracted by the beauty of the children and tempted to chant the “Mahamantra” on their way.
Thus everyone who participated in this blissful occasion returned to their home with Prasadham filled in their hands and Nama filled in their heart. This occasion was a grand success only because of the excellent voluntary support and efforts from Smt.Mythili, Smt.Andaal, Smt.Pushpaveni, Smt.Seethalakshmi, Smt.Mallika Shekhar, parents of the children and other local volunteers.

Madurai Namadwaar is hosting a week long program of Srimad Bhagavatha Katha by Sri M.K.Ramanujamji.

28th Jun 2008

The life sketches of Dhruva and Prahalada Swami was elucidated to a packed crowd in Madurai Namadwaar.

The greatness of Bhagavan nama was extolled using the Ajamila charitram of 6th Canto. The devotees were invited to the Akhanda nama on the occasion of Ekadasi on 29th June 2008.

The vision of Namadwaar and the immense fortune of the devotees to be a part of Namadwaar chanting group was also shared.

Our Sri Naraharidasji did the mangala harathi of Bhagavan Sri Krishna to signal the completion of the Satsang.

29th June 2008 (Forenoon session)

Morning 7am, a group of 10 devotees started fron Namadwaar for Nagara kirtanam in the TVS Nagar Area. After 30 minutes of nagara kirtanam the party returned to Namadwaar.

At about 9am, a group of 30 children came to chant in Namadwaar. THey were the group of Hindi tuition kids of Akshaya Hindi Vidyalay of TVS Nagar. They were well mannered and chanted gustily!!

Some sweet infantile sports of our Sri Krishna was shared with the children by Sri Ramanujamji, who immensely enjoyed it.

The children also promised to chant Mahamantram 11 times every morning and evening. Namadwaar Sri Naraharidasji distributed Hare rama Chant CDs and Hare rama Stickers to the Children so that they can take the message to their parents as well.

THe Children were encouraged to come to Namadwaar with their parents and chant whenever they find time or if they passing this way. Children chanted nama as a divyanama kirtanam and then after about an hour returned home after receiving prasadam from Namadwaar.

The Bhagavatha Katha shall conclude with Rukmani Kalyanam on 29th June 2008 evening 7-9pm.

A weeklong satsang is being held at the Nama Dwaar in Madurai.

Conducted by Sri Ramanujamji, this satsang is a 90 minute discourse on the Srimad Bhagavatam between 7:00 and 8:30 pm at the TVS Nagar Nama Dwaar.

The satsang started on Monday the 23rd with Bhagavata Mahatmyam.

On Tuesday, the first two chapters of Srimad Bhagavatam were expounded in great detail. On Wednesday, the life story of Narada was taken up.   Sri Ramanujamji explained how Srimad Bhagavatam shows the greatness of Satsang by placing the Narada’s charitra as the first in the whole Purana.
The ‘uchishta prabhava’ and ‘nama kirtana prabhava’ were delved in great detail.


On Thursday, about 55 satsang members savoured the exposition of Parikshit Garbha Rakshanam, Kunthi Stuti and Bhishma Stuti.

On Friday, in the morning between 9:30 and 10:30 am, Sri Ramanujamji did a program for about 50 children at a hindi tuition center in TVS Nagar.  The GET principle and the 6-3-2 meditation using Mahamantra was taught to the group of enthused children.  Ms. Mythili arranged for this program.

In the evening, Srimad Bhagavatam lectures continued with the birth of Parikshit, his Kali Nigraham, Brahmana Saapam and Sri Suka Agamanam.

The topics covered on Saturday will be  Bhakta charitra sangraham.

The satsang will culminate in an Akhanda Mahamantra Kirtan on Sunday between 6am and 6pm with Krishna Leela Katha in detail.

Devotees in and around Madurai are invited to participate in the satsangs and enjoy the bliss.


Click here to download the "Hare Rama.." Mahamantra Kirtan in the voice of Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

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