March 15 2010 2 pm to 3 30 pm

“Realising your true strength”
Workshop at Global Indian International School

on behalf of GODivinity Trust, Dr Bhagyanathanji conducted a 90-minute workshop for the students of the Global school highlighting the importance of harnessing mind power in today’s competitive world. He explained the concept of meditation in a manner that suited the student community perfectly. The impact that sound has on mind was nicely explained with audio files in order to help drive the great significance of the sacred mantras in general and Mahamantra specifically. The audience was from various geographical origins and the manner in which the subject was handled was truly commendable. The honourable principal and teachers also participated in the workshop.

The session began with a few students getting into the interactive mode form the very beginning. The content of Bhagyanathanji’s lecture was so clear, inspiring and in tune with the students’ mental frame that almost everyone got into the interaction very soon. It was wonderful to see the students participate with very smart questions which were fielded with clarity and humour by Bhagyanathanji.  in the end, the students felt so inspired by the talk that they wanted to have a session of silent prayer and meditation soon after the talk praying for success in the coming examination.

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