On 19th March, at about 10 am, Sri Bhagyanathanji  along with the key coordinators of the Malaysia Namadwaar group Smt Rajeswaryji, Dr. Premalathaji and Sri Nathanji paid a visit to the Agasthyar orphanage and charity home. On behalf of GODivinity Kuala Lumpur group the noon meal was sponsored for almost 200 economically and socially underprivileged children.

Sri Bhagyanathanji gave a very inspiring lecture on the purpose of life, greatness of Mahamantra  and the vision of our Guru Maharaj in establishing GODwhich represents the true spirit of love and service to fellow human beings. It was quite interesting to see all the children interact with Sri Bhagyanathanji and the GOD members. The best part of the outing was the Mass Mahamantra Kirtan by all the children for 20 minutes.

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