On March 16th,  a special satsang was held at the residence of SriJjayachandranji/Lakshmiji  in the presence of Dr. Bhagyanathan, Personal Secretary to HH Sri Sri Swamiji. The arrangements were made with great care by Lakshmiji. Many devotees participated in the satsang and Sri Bhagyanathanji spoke for 2 hours on Sri Swamiji’s Kali Dharma Undhiyar.

On March 17th,  GOD satsang was inaugurated with mahamantra Kirtan at residence of Sri Ramanathan of Singapore  in the presence of Dr. Bhagyanathan. The Mahamantra chanting was started by Sri Bhagyanathanji. This was followed by “Kaliyaiyum bali kollum” kirtan. Following this, he spoke for 30 minutes about Sri Swamiji and the “Birth of Namadwaar”.

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