On Saturday, March 20th, at 6 pm, by the dedicated efforts of Smt Rajeswaryji, Dr Premalathaji and Sri Nathanji, the Malaysia GOD Satsang group have established an exclusive Namadwaar center for GOD activities in Kuala Lumpur in a rental premises. The Guru Bhakthi and Nama Bhakthi of the three key coordinators was reflected in the manner in which they organized the whole satsang. Though the center has been operating informally for the past few months, it was officially declared open to public by Sri Bhagyanathanji by cutting a red ribbon and lighting the lamp.

The Center was opened by offering harathi to the Holy Padukas of Sri Sri Swamiji and chanting the Mahamantra.

Following this, the three key coordinators shared their Nama Anubhavas and it touched the hearts of all. On behalf of the GOD KL group, Sri Nathanji/Sri Mohanji garlanded Dr Bhagyanathanji and offered a shawl.

Then Sri Bhagyanathanji enthralled the audience with an inspiring 90 minute lecture on the Divine message  of Sri Sri Swamiji and the greatness of Nama Kirtan quoting the anubhavas that Bhakthas had experienced in their lives.

This was followed by  a silent 3 minute prayer and mass Mahamantra chanting by all the devotees. As if to symbolically indicate Sri Swamiji’s presence in Malaysia by way of the Mahamantra Kirtan, the KL GOD Satsang Group presented Sri Bhagyanathanji a very beautiful crystal replica of the KL Petronas Tower with Sri Swamiji’s image on it.

The satsangh concluded with the playing of a 3 minute video showing Sri Swamiji and the ashram amidst Mahamantra chanting. Following this, prasadam blessed by Sri Swamiji was distributed to all by Dr. Bhagyanathanji.

A momentous day indeed as the KL NAMADWAAR CENTER was offered at that Holy Feet of Sri Swamiji.

2 Responses to “Mass Prayer and Inauguration of the GOD Namadwaar Center at Malaysia”

  1. M. Seshadri Says:

    Respected Blessed Devotees of Namadwaar,
    Really touching scene indeed. In this modern world spreading Nama Sangeerthanam nook and corner of this universe is done only by the Grace and full blessings of Gurujee.

  2. Renuka Says:

    will like to know more about this satsang at KL, Malaysia…Pls give more infos..

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