Sri R Muraliji of Global Organisation for Divinity India Trust, Chennai is doing a Ramayanam navaham lecture series at Sri Viboothi Baba Temple, Chitlapakkam, Chennai – 64. This navaham started on 3rd April 2010. Everyday the lecture is between 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

On 3rd April, Sri Muraliji spoke about Sri Ramar Jananam. He emphasised the importance of  Rama Nama. Around 75 devotees attended. Many of the devotees complimented Sri Muraliji for his wonderful lecture.

On 4th April, Sri Muraliji gave discourse on Sri┬áSeetha Kalyanam. Sri Muraliji narated Sri Seetha Kalyanam in such a way which created feeling that they had seen the Sri Seetha Kalyanam Live. Further he beautifully narrated the slokam “Kousalya Supraja Rama” recited by Sri Valmiki Bagawan. All devotees felt happy about his discourse. Paruppu Thenkai and fruits were offered to Sri Seetha Raman. Prasadam was distributed to all devotees. Around 60 devotees attended the discourse.

On 5th April, Sri Muraliji discourse was on how Kaikayee stopped Sri Ramar Pattabhishekam. The way Sri Muraliji explained the incident create deep sorrow in the minds of devotees and they started to weep. He concluded his discourse on telling how Sri Rama along with Sri Seetha and Sri Lakshmanan proceeded towards forest to live there for 14 years as directed Kaikaeyee. Around 50 devotees attended. Prasadam distributed to all devotees after the discourse.

On 6th April, Sri Muraliji rendered discourse on Guhan Charithram and Pathuka Pattabhishekam. He explained Sri Dasarathan’s death in such way, which created immense feeling in the face of devotees. He has also told that Bhagawan’s Pathuka is more worth than Bhagawan. To give explanation to this, he told story of Sri Maha Periyava. Two ladies after having darshan of Sri Maha Periyava at Kanchi Mutt stayed there. Sri Maha Periyava asked why you are standing with sorrow on your face. They told that in their locality many thefts are taking place on daily basis and they are afraid about that. Sri Maha Periyava immediately gave His Pathuka to them and told to offer flowers on that which will look like a Kappu for the padham and the same will be Padukappu (safeguard) for you. Panakam, Buttermilk and sundal was distributed to devotees.

On 7th April, Sri Muraliji rendered discourse on Sri Ramar’s stay at the ashrams of Sages – Sri Sarabanga, Sri Sudheesnar and Sri Agasthiyar. He also told that Tamil language is called as Madhuram as it was shown by Lord Siva to Agasthiyar. This shows that Tamil language was there during Sri Ramar era. He also told about the moksham given by Sri Ramar to Jadayu. He concluded his discourse with Sabari Mokssham. He emphasized that Sabari got moksham by chanting ‘RAMA NAMA’ as told by her Guru Sri Madhanga Munivar and not by Sri Ramar. Prasadam was distributed all devotees. Around 40 devotees have attended the discourse.

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