Sri Kesavanji of GOD India, Chennai, gave lecture on “Bhagavath Sri Ramanujar Vaibhavam” between 2nd April and 8th April 2010 at Sriperumbudur Namadwaar. The lectures were between 7.00 pm and 8.30 pm on all the days.
The holy charitra of Sri Ramanujar was expounded at His birth place in an excellent way by Sri Kesavanji. He spoke on purpose of the great avathar and his holy works viz. Sri Bashyam literary work, Thirupani renovation of temple viz Melkote, Srirangam, etc, Prapathi Marga Prakashakam, Nama Sankirtanam at Thirukostiyur, bringing all people together irrespective of caste, creed or race including temple entry, etc was covered in a lucid and succinct way.
Sri Kesavanji also took parallel examples from Sri Ramanuja Charitram and our Sri Swamiji and explained how great Avathara purshas are similar in their holy works.

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    By the grace of our Swamiji, I had parama bhagyam to attend ‘Bhagavath Sri Ramanujar Vaibhavam’ for 2 tays i.e. on 4th & 6th April 2010. The lecture by Sri Kesavanji was really superb. Especially Kesavanji’s parellel examples (Sri Ramujar Vs our Guruji) was very much acceptable. I am really proud of breathing in the age of “RAMANUJA GURUJI”.


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