On 8th April, Sri Muraliji started his discourse with the meeting of Sri Ramar and Sri Anjaneyar. He also told that when Adi Sankarar was travelling in the North India, he met old man who was reading Sanskrit grammar, Sri Adi Sankarar said mukthi will be attained only by way of chanting Govinda Nama. When Sri Ramar hit King Vaali with arrow, which had name “Rama”, the king Vaali after taking out the arrow saw the word ‘Rama’ and he also spelt it, with this he has attained moksha. Lord Shiva himself told the importance of Rama Nama to Goddess Parvathi. He told about Sukrivan pattabhishekam. He concluded discourse with Vanarargal proceeding towards Lanka to search Jaganmatha Seetha. Prasadam distributed to all devotees. Around 40 devotees have attended.

On 9th April Sri Muraliji rendered his discourse on ‘Sundara Kandam”. Sundaram means beauty. He explained the strengths (parakramam) of Sri Anjaneyar beautifully. By chanting ‘Rama Nama’ Sri Anjaneyar has won many hurdles while proceeding towards Lanka. He also explained the brahmachariam of Sri Anjaneyar. Though Sri Anjaneyar has seen ladies in King Ravana’s palace, his concentration was only towards finding Sri Seetha Devi. As like Sri Anjaneyar, we have to concentrate on achievement of goal. He concluded the day’s discourse with Sri Anjaneyar informing to Sri Ramar that he has met Sri Seetha Devi. Prasadam was distributed to all devotees. Around 50 devotees had attended the discourse.

On 10th April, Sri Muraliji rendered discourse on Vibhishana Saranagathi. Sri Vibhishana went out from Ravana’s place without taking anything except his gatahi in order make promise to Sri Ramar. He went out of Lanka only to keep dharmam. People should live like Sri Vibhishana and they should follow and do Guru Kainkaryam. The Guru will give happiness. He concluded his discourse with Yuddha Kandam. Prasadam was distributed to devotees. Around 40 devotees had attended.

On 11th April, being the concluding day, Sri Muraliji rendered discourse on Yuddha kandam. He had explained the fight between Sri Ramar and Indrajit and Sri Ramar with Ravanan. Sri Muraliji explained it in such a way that the devotees were feeling as if there were witnessing the fight. He also quoted Sri Desikan’s pasuram and Saint Thyagaraja Swamy’s keertan. Finally he concluded his discourse with Sri Ramar Pattabhishekam in beautiful way.
Quoting Azhwar’s pasurams, Saint Thiyagaraja Swamy keertans and Mahan’s quoting are highlights of Sri Muraliji’supanyasam for the last 9 days. Sri Muraliji spoke about palasthuthi for each and every kandam.
Smt. Sakuntala Murale of GOD Satsang, Chromepet spoke on the important points from the discourse of Sri Muraliji.  Sri Hare Ram of Global Organisation for Divinity India Trust spoke about the activities of GOD and also requested the devotees to participate in the GOD satsangs in and around Chromepet.  He also honoured Sri Nagarajan, Administrator, Sri Viboothi Baba Temple.
Finally vote of thanks was given by Sri Paramasivam, GOD Satsang, Chromepet. With the blessings of Sri Sri Swamiji, nine days upanyasam was performed in grand manner. GOD Satsang members conveyed their whole hearted thanks to Sri Ramanujam and Sri Balaji Ramachandran for their whole hearted support to the program.
Sri Murale of GOD, Chromepet had made excellent arrangements for this 9 day event.

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