Global Organization for Divinity – Bangalore chapter conducted the 2nd year “Madhurya Heritage camp” in Koramangala from 06th to 17th April 2010 in the residence of Bhuvana Kumar at Raheja Residency. The response to the camp was encouraging. 41 children in the age group of 4 -12 years participated in the camp

The camp featured Slokas, Bhajans, Yoga, fireless cookery, first aid, lots of craft work, moral stories and mythological games for all age groups. In addition, for children in the age group of 7-12years, Balakaandam and Sundara Kaandam slokas from “Nama Ramayana” were also taught. Everyday, the camp started & concluded with the chanting of Mahamantra by the entire group. There was an added attraction of “Puppet Show” for the kids conducted by a professional artist Smt Jayashree.

Children enjoyed every session of the camp as could be gathered from the feedback provided by them to their parents almost every other day. Apart from the above, the camp inculcated the habits amongst these kids of helping the younger one’s, participation in group activities, over come shyness etc.

Smt Bhuvana Kumar, Smt. Rajni Sridhar , Smt Vijayalakshmi, Smt Jayanthi Venkatadri, Smt Rajini, Smt Roopa gurumurthy, Smt. Chandra Shankar & Ms. Aparna Sankarnarayan from our satsangh were of full support to the camp. Smt Rajalakshmi from Raheja Residency, a well wisher to all GOD activities was a pillar of strength in the camp activities.

On the concluding day of the camp (17th April 2010), parents of the participating children were invited to the party hall, where the children presented all the Slokas & Bhajans that were learnt during the camp. All the Art & craft work done by the children were put on display. Children were also presented with gifts. Hand made dolls made by Smt. Rajini Sridhar was also displayed for sale. Parents were also given a short introduction to the various activities of the GOD organization. Over 100 people were present on this occasion. Sweets & Savories were also distributed.

Parents appreciated the activities done during the camp and were overwhelmed that their children have learnt so many Slokas & Bhajans in such a short period and the effort of “GOD” Organization to the service of children & mankind. Many parents pledged continued support to many more program of such nature. Some of the feedbacks received from the parents are…

  • It was a valuable experience. Children enjoyed and learnt a lot about our tradition – Priya & Manav Subodh
  • My kid enjoyed the camp. It would have been nice if the camp was for a longer duration – Rohini & Vijay
  • Kids loved it. Please have a second session. Timings – Good. Activities – Great, Group size – Perfect, Venue – Perfect – Uma & Balasubramaniam
  • It was very good experience for the kids & parents. I was amazed when my younger daughter of 4 yrs was able to sing long slokas with clarity & happiness which was unknown to me. I would like to stand & support this organization all the time. – Geetha & Vinodh
  • Yours is such a different camp. It was such a wonderful gift to the Raheja children to learn our great Indian culture –  Venkat
  • It is commendable to see such young kids learn slokas & bhajans. Thank you for all the efforts. Very good art & craft work. Next time please include devotional dance for the kids – Kudos for your expert team – Neelam Malik
  • Navdeep has lot of interest in learning our culture. Your camp & sloka class has helped him. Almost all the recipies that you have taught, Navdeep has tried on his own at home as well. Thank you for your wonderful initiative. – Jaya & Biju

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