Satsangs in mumbai started on 8th may at 10:30 AM in Smt Sudha Krishnamurthyji residence in kansai Section, Ambarnath East.About 25 devotees had gathered that Saturday morning to chant the Mahamantra. This was followed by a short lecture in Hindi on ‘Nama Prabhav’.

In the evening we had a satsang at Smt. Tanuja Nair residence in Ambarnath East at 6 PM. About 45 devotees had gathered to listen to a lecture in Hindi on ‘Bhagavatha Dharma’. This was followed by 20mins of Mahamantra Kirtana.

At 10AM on the morning of 9th May, Sunday, we had a satsang in the slums of SwamiNagar located in West Ambarnath. More than 45 youngsters had gathered to listen to the Glory of the simple path of NamaKirtan. After an hour of lecture in Tamil, all chanted Mahamantra together for 15 Mins. Sri. Kannan, a 11th Std student in a local school, who had arranged for this satsang promised to chant mahamantra every Sunday with his friends.

AT 5 PM in the evening, about 60 devotees were gathered in Balaji temple in Balaji Nagar, Ambarnatn West. After about 20 Mins of Nama kirtan, Poornima discoursed on ‘Bhaktya Sulabho Bhagavan’ in Hindi. The temple authorities confessed that this was the very first Satsang where they had a katha Shravan after the installation of the
Temple in 1974. They invited our GOD to conduct more such satsangs to increase awareness and also came forward to organise a regular chanting of Mahamantra in their temple.

More Satsangs are scheduled in different parts of Mumbai.
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