Hare Rama chanting was started at Sri Ramar temple at Changi, Singapore on 16th of May 2010.
Sri Balasubramaniam of  GOD, Singapore, who coordinates for events there, shares his experience about the Nama chanting…..
With the Blessings of Sri Sri Swamiji,  the second venue for ‘nama-chanting-in-Singapore temples’ was inaugurated at the Changi Sri Ramar temple today, incidentally being the auspicious akshaya thruthiyai day. The objective is to bring devotees from East and North-East part of Singapore to avail the benefits of chanting nama in a public place.
In spite of pouring thunderous rain since 5.00 pm, with His grace about 20 people participated in the chanting between 7.00 and 8.00 pm at the Anjaneyar sannidhi. As is done in the Perumal temple, the chanting concluded with Sri Sri Swamiji’s ‘Kaliyaiyum bali kollum’ song. There were three new North Indian families who took the mahamantram CDs for chanting/playing at home.
The temple authorities were much pleased with the chanting, enhancing the sanctity of the temple. We are sure, with Sri Sri Swamiji’s Grace this chanting group will keep growing week after week.

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