Sri Balaji of GOD, Chennai gave a series of lectures under the topic “Sri Bhakta Charitram” at Sri Karunakara Perumal temple, Kovoor, Chennai.
Sri Kovoor Shanmugham, our coordinator for satsangs at Kovoor writes about the lecture series as below:
As a pleasant surprise to this summer, Kovoor devotees were blessed with a week long pravachan on ‘Sri Baktha Vijayam’ by our Sri Balaji Bhagavathar. It is indeed prasadam offered by our Satgurumaharaj to the Kovoor devotees.  The programme started on 9th May 2010 and concluded on 15th May 2010 with a ‘Nagara sangeerthanam’. Daily about 80 – 100 devotees were coming for the “kathasravan”. About 120 devotees had participated in the “Nagara sangeerthanam” and nearly 250 devotees were present for the pravachan on the concluding day.
Sri Balaji gave magnetic talk on all the seven days about great bakthas, details of which are given below.
On the first day, it was about Sri Bagavan Nama Bothenthral
On the second day, it was about Badrachalam Ramadasar
On the third day, it was about Sant Gyaneswar and Sant Namadevar
On the fourth day, it was again on Namadevar charitram, Gorakumbar,Savanthar and Koorma Dasar.
On the fifth day, it was about Thukkaram Maharaj
On the sixth date, it was about Banudasar and Ekanathar
On the concluding day it was about Kabir dasar.
Kovoor devotees are very grateful to have such an unforgettable satsang of Sri Balaji with the blessings of our Sri Sri Swamiji and they jointly convey their pranams to the lotus feet of our Sri Sri Swamiji.

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