The Malaysia Global Organisation for Divinity satsangh group coordinated by  Rajeswaryji, Premalathaji and Nathanji has been actively involved in propagating the message of our Guru Maharaj and the mahamantra for the past couple of years.

Sri Ramanujamji paid a visit last year and conducted satsanghs there. In March 2010, a Namadwaar center dedicated to mahamantra kirtan and satsangh was inaugurated by Sri Bhagyanathanji, Personal Secretary to His Holiness in a rental premises,  with a mass mahamantra prayer and distribution of prasadams from Sri Sri Swamiji. The Holy Padukas of Sri Sri Swamiji have been installed there and regular satsanghs/mahamantra kirtan are being performed.

Namadwaar takes immense pleasure in  introducing “Sunithaji” its newest active  volunteer in Malaysia. A versatile corporate trainer with vast international experience, Sunithaji holds masters in Finance. With an innate orientation to be of service to humanity, Sunithaji works with UNHCR projects and student groups aimed at self-improvement. Inspired by the message of Sri Sri Swamiji, she has actively dedicated her valuable services to Namadwaar and has made mahamantra kirtan a part of her training sessions.

Very recently, on May 12, 2010, Sunithaji conducted a training session at SMK school(Alam Megah)  for 58 Indian students who had disciplinary issues in school. Rajeswaryji began with an introduction about the ideals of Global Organisation for Divinity and our Sri Swamiji’s message. Following this, Sunithaji conducted a self-improvement session which was received with rapt attention. The session was concluded with mahamantra chanting by all.

The teachers/management who were very appreciative of the session/chanting gave glowing compliments to Sunithaji/Rajeswaryji. Many students showed keen interest in visiting the center and participating in the mahamantra kirtan

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