Satsangs hosted by Nerul Bhakta Samaj in Sri Murugan temple hall started on 19th May 2010. Ms. Poornima spoke on Srimad Bhagavata Mahtmya followed by a 1:30hrs discourse on Satsang Mahima by Ms. Priyanka. On 20th, Ms. Priyanka started the satsang with ‘Guru Mahima’ .

Ms. Poornima followed it with a discourse on Vamana Avatara. On 21st, after a talk on ‘Narada charitram’ by Ms. Priyanka, Ms. Poornima spoke on Ambarisha Charitra. The satsang concluded with a mass prayer wit Mahamantra. Prayer requests were placed in the Prayer box by all the devotees. The satsang was well attended by more than 40 devotees every day.

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