Sri Sri Swamiji’s ardent devotee Sri Ayanavaram Balaraman has been conducting Satsang at Sri Kariyamanika Perumal Koil at Ayanavaram for the past four years. More than 75 people are regularly attending the Saturday Mahamantra Kirtan satsang at the Temple and get blessed. As a part of Satsang every year bhagavat katha pravachanam is also conducted in mid of May.

This year Sri Ramkumar (Gundu Ravi) of Global Organization for Divinity India Trust, Chennai, with the blessings of Sri Sri Swamiji rendered discourse on Sri Bhagavath Ramanuja vaibhavam from 12th May to 21st May 2010 at Sri Kariyamanika Perumal Koil.

Sri Ramkumar narrated, in his own elegant way of singing pasurams of Aazhwars, and songs of other Mahathmas, widely spoke on Sri Ramanuja gunangal and vaibhavam such as His simplicity, humbleness, daya, Bakthi etc and the greatness of Sri Ramanuja’s disciples like Sri Koorathazhwan, Sri Parasara Bhattar, Sri Embar, Sri Mudaliyandan, Sri Vaduga Nambi, Sri Ananthazhwan, Sri Uranga Villi Dasan and so on. The way he quoted verses from Divya Prabhandam and about the greatness of Nama Sankirtan, in his Kalakshepam style, made all devotees listen to the discourse with rapt attention.

Sri Ramkumar, during the discourse, explained on how Sri Sri Swamiji is untiringly engaged in spreading of Bhagavan Nama, renovation (Punarutharanam) of holy shrines, and setting up an example in the world as to how Sri Ramanuja’s wishes can be /should be fulfilled.

All devotees were very much moved hearing Sri Ramanujar’s vaibhavam from Sri Ramkumar, as one of devotees rightly said to Sri Ramkumar that “You took us from Kanchipuram to Thiruvarangam and then to Thirumalai during your discourse, I felt as if I was there all along with Sri Ramanuja in all these holy divya desams, when you narrated Sri Ramanuja moving from Kanchipuram to Thiruvarangam and Sri Ramanuja’s experiences in the holy Thirumalai”.

Sri Ramkumar concluded the lecture mentioning that, Sri Ramanuja the great scholar having established the Vishistadhvaidha siddantham, took the path of kainkaryam (Services) – bringing/showing every one the path of Bhagavan Nama, and lived at his Guru’s/Aacharyan feet as the sole refuge in his life setting an example for all of us to follow even after 1000 years now.

About 100 people attended the lecture every day and all left with Sri Ramanuja’s blessings and with heavy heart longing for the next Satsang.

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