Who else knows other than our Sri Sri Swamiji, the holy/right wish of his devotee that has to be fulfilled, it has been a dream/wish for many years – of our Ayanavaram Sri Balaraman to have Nalayira divaprabhanda parayanam (recital) at his house, and his dream came true after coming to Sri Sri Swamiji’s feet which now got fulfilled (At the right time) by Sri Sri Swamiji.  Sri R Muraliji and Sri Ramkumar of Global Organization for Divinity India Trust, Chennai, conducted the Divya Prabhandha parayanam at his house every day morning from 12th to 21st of May 2010.

To the surprise of Sri Balaraman and his family, our beloved Sri Sri Swamiji, gave darshan and participated in the Prabhandha parayanam, at his house on the auspicious day of “Akshaya Thritheeyai” and blessed all who participated in the satsang.

Overall the credit for organizing such a wonderful satsang has to be given to Sri Balaramanji who is totally focused in spreading our Sri Sri Swamiji’s message of chanting the Mahamantra Kirtan in the age of Kali. This shows completely his dedication and devotion towards our Sri Sri Swamiji in all his works.

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