In the morning Sri Ramachandran visited Vidya Kendram School at Thiruvahindipuram for a mass prayer between 10:30 am and 11:30 am on 24th February 2009. Around 300 students from Class 1 to Class IX attended the prayer sessions.

In the evening, Sri Ramachandran along with Sri Krishnamurthy Das of Cuddalore Namadwaar visited Government High School, Thiruvahindipuram between 4:30 pm and 5:15 pm to pray for the students success in the forthcoming examinations. Around 600 students from Class VIII to Class XII participated in the mass prayer. In both the schools, Sri Ramachandran spoke on “GET” theory, Self Confidence, How to approach exams etc., The students in both the schools chanted Mahamantra with great sincerity. The lectures were in Tamil.


In the evening after the school program got over, Sri Ramachandran and Sri Krishnamurthy Das visited Sri Dhanvanthri Perumal Temple, Panruti for a lecture. This program was arranged by the trustees of the temple, Sri KNC Panduranga Chettiar and Sri V Jivanandham Chettiar. Sri Ramachandran spoke on “Nama Mahimai” for around 60 minutes. After this, Mahamantra was chanted for around 15 minutes. There was large number of devotees at the temple for the lecture.

Sri Natesan of Cuddalore GOD Satsang had organized for all the above programs.

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