The South India Bhajana Samaj at Matunga, mumbai, had invited Ms.Poornima and Ms.Priyanka of GOD India trust to conduct a four day satsang. The satsangs began with Ms. Priyanka’s lecture on Sant Namadev on 7th June which was followed by a lecture on Guru Mahima by Ms. Poornima. On 8th of June, Ms. Priyanka discoursed on Sant Tukkaram and Ms.Poornima followed by discoursing on Vaishnava Lakshana. On 10th and 11th of June Ms.Poornima lectured on Sant Tulasidasa and Sri Thiagaraja. All devotees who enjoyed the bliss of bhakti through Bhakta Charitras promised to chant Mahamantra every day together in the Samaj.

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