Sri Ramachandran and Sri Gurumurthy Venkateswaran of GOD India Chennai had been to Mangalur and surrounding villages on 12th June 2010 for participating in the satsangs there.

Sri Murugadas of our Kendra at Mangalur had organized for these satsangs. The first satsang was at Mangalur Perumal Koil at 6.00 pm. Sri Venkateswaran spoke on Guru Mahimai at the temple. He also quoted many incidents from Sri Sri Swamiji’s life history.

Then two new satsangs were started at M Kudikadu and Sirupakkam, which are villages surrounding Mangalur. Sri Ramachandran spoke at these two villages on the importance of chanting the Hare Rama Mahamantra.

All the participants were very happy and chanted the Nama with great devotion.

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