On hearing the positive feedback from Ms.Suma Padmanabhan( Principal, Asan Memorial Senior Secondary school[CBSE]) Ms.Sunitha (Principal, Asan Memorial Matriculation Higher Secondary School), wanted her students to take advantage of this Mahamantra mass prayer conducted by GOD satsang. 



Ms. Guhapriyaji had organised for a mass prayer for exam going students in Asan Memorial Matriculation Higher Secondary School on 18th of Feb 2009. Sister Poornima from our satsang, addressed more than 100 students of 10th and 12th standards who had gathered in the grounds of the school. She started her interactive session with stress on the need to know essence and purport of education instead of aiming just at getting high scores. With interesting anecdotes, she took the message of how important it was to combine our efforts with the Divine Grace. The students acknowledged the need for prayers and were all eager to chant the Divine names of the Lord.

The 45 minute session concluded with group chanting of the Mahamantra by the students and teachers of the school.


At the end of the prayers,the Principal, Ms. Sunitha, said, “The informal session not only imparted spiritual skills but also important life skills through eye-opening and meaningful anecdotes and stories with never a dull moment. I am sure that the Board Examination going students have gained much from this rewarding experience.” With Mahamantra stickers in their hands the students were back to their Model exams! 

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