On 12th June 2010, Sri Kesavan and Sri Ramesh of GOD, Chennai went to Kaveripakkam, Vellore district. Sri Sivaji Ganesan and other devotees of Kaveripakkam were celebrating the 1st Anniversary of nama chanting in their village. So a function was organized there. The function arrangements/celebrations included

a) Sri Sivajiganesan’s son decorated himself as beautiful Krishna,

b) Local Bajan team who sung ” Rama Rama Rama endru namam sollada, pamarane unakku idhil baram ennada, eman vandhal polladhavan vida mattan, avan rama namam solbavarai thodamattan” which reminded us of Sri Sri Swamiji’s song on the same lines.

About 75 devotees attended and chanted Hare Rama with interest for about 30 minutes in the local Bhajanai temple followed by a lecture for 1 hour in open space to facilitate more devotees.

The function was blessed by Sri Sri Swamiji in the form “heavy rain” during the lecture, which was later continued inside the Bhajanai temple. People from neighboring villages who attended the satsang showed their interest to start/have more of such satsang in their area.

All the devotees left after being served with nice prasadham arranged by Sri Sivaji Ganesan and  Srinivasa perumal kumkum. They enjoyed a nice evening of satsang.

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