Ms.Guhapriya of our satsang had organised a mass prayer for exam going students of Asan Memorial Senior secondary School (CBSE) in Chennai. Mrs. Bhanumati Mani introduced the organisation to the students which was followed by Ms. Guhapriya who introduced the speaker for the session Sister Poornima.

Sister Poornima addressed about 200 students of the school from 10th and 12th standards. She pointed out fear and worry to be a waste of mental energy and explained how it can be overcome effortlessly. The challenges faced by the students of the current times was discussed and the difference between parameters which can be controlled by us and those that are beyond us was highlighted with anecdotes. Last but not the least she spoke on the importance of Divine intervention for success in any endeavor.The 45 minute session concluded with all the students chanting the mahamantra with their eyes closed in sincere prayer.

The Principal of the school, Ms. Suma Padmanabhan and the teachers were very supportive and urged our organisation to come forward and give such lessons on a regular basis too.

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