With the blessings of our Sri Hari and the Sadguru, Bhagavata Saptaham was held at Sri Bhava Oushadheeshwarar temple at Thiruthuraipundi between 28th June and 4th July 2010.

Sri Ravi Kashyap, a disciple of Sri Sri Swamiji discoursed on all the days between 6:30 and 8:30 pm.   On the first day, he eloquently narrated  the importance of Guru & Nama Mahima, the divine life history of Sri Poonthanam Mahatma.  He also discoursed on the greatness of Srimad Bhagavatam.

On the second day, he narrated the curse of Parikshit and delved into the Kapilavatharam.

During the day, Nama Prachar was done in a village called Kunnoor – in Sri Kothanda Rama temple where Raviji stressed Nama Mahima through examples from Ramayana and Sri Tulasidasa Charitram.

On the third day,   Satsang was held at a devotee’s residence where Sri Raviji explained Bhakti and Nama Kirtan through Sabhari’s charitram.  In the evening, he discoursed on Daksha Yagnam,

On the fourth day, Nama Prachar was done at Pandi Chatram Sri Venugopalaswamy Temple.  In the evening, he discoursed on Dhruva Charitram and Ajamila Charitram.

On the fifth day, Satsang was held at Vilakudi.  In the evening,  after touching upon Jadabharata Charitram, Sri Raviji delved deep into Prahlada Charitram, Gajendra Moksham and Amrutha Mathanam,

On the sixth day, Krishna Jananam was narrated.

On Sunday July 4th, being the last day, a Nagara Sankirtanam was arranged at 8:00 am.  The satsang team visited Kunnoor village yet again, where Sri Raviji patiently taught the little children there to chant Mahamantra.

Nama Sankirtan Satsangs were also held at other devotees’ residences in the afternoon where Sri Raviji explained the importance of Nama and narrated Ambarisha Charitram.

The evening Saptaham culminated in Sri Rukmini Kalyanam, with more than 125 devotees partaking the divine nectar of Bhagavatam through their ears.

Prasadam was distributed everyday.

The entire satsang was coordinated in a grand manner by the GOD Satsang at Tiruthuraipoondi.

One could visibly see the devotees longing for more and more satsangs as they had gotten rid of all the sorrows and domestic worries for the entire seven days!

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