Day: Sunday, 11th July 2010

The venue was the holy Bhutapuri Kshetra – the very birth place of Bhagavat Ramanujacharya, the great Saint who had given to the masses the essence of true devotion and the greatness of the ‘Thirumandhiram’.

The event was ‘Mahamantra Nagara Sankirtan’.    More than 400 devotees from different parts of Chennai and other places had assembled in Sriperumbudur.

The Sriperumbudur Namadwaar that is located in the heart of the town serves as the seat of  satsang and Nama Sankirtan in this holy town.  It was inaugurated by Sri Sri Swamiji in 2009.

Devotees slowly poured in to the Namadwaar right from the afternoon.  Mahamantra was continuously echoing in the Namadwaar and was reverberating beyond the four walls of the Namadwaar.

All the devotees were eager to take the fragrance of the Mahamantra to the entire town…  At about 5 pm, the Nagara Sankirtan started from the Namadwaar and went around the main road.  What seemed to be a never-ending line of devotees – young and old, ladies and gents, who had, in an extremely organized manner, lined themselves up,  moved through the streets – truly a sight to behold!

The procession was led by young devotees who held banners of the Mahamantra in saffron, that was enough eye-catching for any casual onlooker.  The onlookers were carried away by the devotion of the devotees in the Nagara Sankirtan, and only later realized that their lips too, did involuntarily chant the Mahamantra!

The divine sound of Mahamantra thundered in the atmosphere, as the procession went towards the Sriperumbudur temple.   Sri Udayavar, who is very much live in the “Thaan Ugandha Tirumeni” in this holy Kshetra, did, certainly listen to the Mahamantra as the devotees went around the temple in the Nagara Sankirtan procession.  A few devotees jumped in divine ecstasy chanting the Mahamantra.    Indeed, who can ever limit the enthusiasm, fervor and piety that Lord Krishna generates in one, who chants the Mahamantra with faith and devotion, especially in such a satsang!

The procession slowly returned to the Namadwaar after a divine and eventful Nagara Sankirtan that lasted for more than 80 minutes.  Devotees included people from the Kendras around Sriperumbudur and other places like Avadi, Ambattur, Kovvur, Pattinampakkam, Annanagar, Pillaipakkam, Singaperumal Koil, Galattupattu and other villages surrounding our Madhurapuri Ashram.

After the Nagara Sankirtan, prasadam was arranged for all the devotees from Sri Kalyana Srinivasa Perumal temple. All the devotees partook the prasadam.

As it was parting moment, the devotees, with satisfied hearts and appetites, left for their places, still speaking about the Nagara Sankirtan.

Sri Balaraman of Annanagar Kendra, Sri Shanmugham of Kovvur, Sri Sivakumar of Avadi, Smt Gunavathi of Avadi, Sri Venkatesan of Singaperumal Koil, Sri Jayaraman of Pillaipakkam, Sri Arivarasan of Pattinampakkam, Sri Kumaran of Galattupattu amongst others coordinated excellently with Sri Sundar, the Bhagavata in-charge of Sriperumbudur Namadwaar to make this event a grand success.

Sri Ramachandran, Sri Kesavan, Sri Srinivasakannan, Sri Ramesh, Sri Srikanth and Sri Vasantharajan of GOD, Chennai participated in this Nagara Sankirtan.

2 Responses to “Nagara Sankirtan at Sriperumbudur”

  1. powna Says:

    kodanu kodi namashkarams to our beloved bhagavan sri sri swamiji

    Radhe krishna

    congratulations for sri perumbudur namadwaar. pleasure to see the ardent devotees who were all participated in nagara sangeertana .its great blessings( by our guruji) for sri parumbudur bhakths

    thanks for brothers who were co ordinated well.I pray for its growth and development to our Guruji. keep continue the divine work , which is very rare to boon to get ones life,
    that which our lord blessed for you all at sri perumbuthur.

    Radhe krishna

  2. satishvaidhyanathan Says:

    I kindly belovedly request you to make a gathering in my house at ashok nagar which i believe would bring a change in my life and happenings. Kindly acknowledge me. Radhe krishna.

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