The devotees in Mumbai had arranged a series of satsangs during the last week of January in Dombivili, Khargar, Ambernath and Matunga. Many people paricipated in these satsangs and enjoyed the bliss of Divine names and their power.

 Khargar Bhata Samaj had organized a satsang on Jan 26th , 2009 at Kendriya Vihar Community Hall, Sector 12, Kharghar. Sister Poornima of our satsang addressed the gathering and spoke about the innumerable benefits of nama, quoting with ease from itihasas and puranas. She also brought out the nama mahimai as embodied in several of the shlokas from Vishnu Sahasra Namam. About 45 people attended the satsang. The satsang concluded with the organizers requesting for a repeat satsang as well as a programme exclusively meant for children. The samaj has also assured that they will have a weekly nama chanting session henceforth.

Matunga Bhajan Samaj has organized a satsang at the Sri Rama Temple in Matunga on the 28th of January 2009. More than 40 devotees attended the discourse of Sister Poornima of our satsang who spoke on Nama Mahima. She said that most practical way to be spiritual is to work with the divine names ever on one’s lips. She also stressed that chanting the Divine names is both surrender and karma Yoga.


A satsang was organized by Mr & Mrs. Sudha Krishnamurthy of Ambernath at their residence on Jan 30th, 2009. Sister Poornima of our satsang spoke eloquently about how one can make life, which comes with 50%joy and 50% sorrows into a complete package of joy with incessant remembrance of Nama. More than 45 devotees were gathered to listen to her talk on the glory of the Divine Names.The satsang concluded with enthusiastic chanting of Maha mantra

On the 29th of January 2009, a satsang was arranged in Mrs. Kothai’s residence in Dombivili. About 20 people were gathered there to hear about the importance of satsang and greatness of Divine names of the Lord. Sister Poornima emphasized on the compassion and love that lord has for all of us and how ready He is to bestow the choicest blessings on us only if we ask Him! The session went for more than an hour and concluded with 15minutes chanting of the Mahamantra.

 A Satsang was organized at Shri.E,S.Natarajan’s residence in Shrinagar Complex , Chembur Mumbai on the 1st of February. Sister Poornima of our satsang addressed the gathering of about 40 people. She dwelt on the importance of “Nama Chanting” , quoting from “ Srimad Bhagavatham”. While stressing the need to chant nama as a vehicle to achieve liberation, she sang a few verses from Guruji’s “kaliyeyum Bali kollum” keerthan which was thoroughly appreciated by one and all. The 2 hour long satsang began and ended with Nama chanting.

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