‘When the Lord decides to shower His grace, He is indeed lavish!’
This was the experience of every one of them who attended the ‘Akhanda Nama Sankirtan’ in the United Kingdom on the 10th of July.

The satsang members, devotees of our Guru Maharaj in the United Kingdom, have been regularly meeting and chanting the Mahamantra.  After Sri Ramanujamji’s visit in April 2008, the satsangs took great shape and regular, weekly Nama Sankirtan satsangs were started.  Further to this, the devotees decided to hold an Akhanda Nama Sankirtan.

Thus, the first Akhanda Nama Sankirtan of the United Kingdom took place on the 10th instant. The Akhanda Nama was held online (over the internet).  It was a 12 hour long Kirtan-Mahayagna that began at 6:00 am local time and ended at 6:00 pm, with most participants being online for the whole duration.

The entire 12 hour span was divided into 30 minute slots and invitations were sent out to the local devotees, each of who was to lead the singing during their slot. There was a great response from all the devotees, who worked together to ensure that the event was a fit offering to the Lotus feet of Madhuri Sakhi Sameta Sri Premika Varadan Thakurji and to the Holy Feet of our Divine Master.

During the Akhanda Nama, one could experience that numerous bhavas were expressed in the singing – from serenity to intensity to divine yearning.  Many young children took part and led the chant.  They sang with real feeling voices full of vibrancy and devotion.

The Akhanda Nama – specially dedicated to the celebration of Guru Poornima this year, culminated in a grand manner – with the ‘Madhurasmaranam’ discourse of Dr. A. Bhagyanathanji, personal secretary to His Holiness Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji.  In his talk, Dr. Bhagyanathanji spoke of the overwhelming grace of the Sadguru and the need for Nama Kirtan and Satsang, closing it with narration of divine incidents from Sri Swamiji’s life.  All the devotees listened in rapt silence; it was indeed a golden day for the UK satsang with devotees being inspired and blessed by it.

A devotee said that the satsang has given everyone a big motivation, strength, spirit and excitement and that His Kripa was felt all through the 12 hours.  Another devotee mentioned, ‘It was a dream come true! I can take the liberty in saying that all of us relished and will relish this day for a very long time to come!  It was unforgettable!’

The entire event was planned and coordinated meticulously by the UK GOD Satsang coordinator Sri Richard Lovattji with the able support all the other UK GOD Satsang members.

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