Sister Poornima visited Sister Nivedita School and Prakash Vidyalaya in Dombivili, during her trip to Mumbai. Sri Balajiji from our satsang had already addressed the students in these schools and the management was very happy with his sessions and had requested for more such programs. They were very happy to receive Sister Poornima this time.

  The Principal of Sister Nivedita School Ms.Seema Phansikar was already impressed by Shri Balajiji’s spell-bound address to the children of their school and she had taken all efforts to arrange for this program. About 100 students from the VI std. gathered in the auditorium. They were all very energetic and enthusiastic. They remembered the Maha Mantra chanting taught by Shri Balajiji. Smt. Pushpa Ravi addressed the students reminding them of their responsibility to the world and the importance of respecting everybody. Then Sister Poornima narrated a story to show how a open mind and humility helps one to learn more.It was a very interactive session. The children were beaming with energy and gave beautiful answers when asked about the moral. She then told them the key to success. She emphasised on how tolerance, patience and effort are required to attain success but do not suffice. God’s grace is the most important factor for attaining success. So she asked them to pray by chanting the Mahamantra. The children chanted the Mahamantra joyfully. The teachers were very happy with Sister Poornima’s session and requested her to visit them whenever possible.


  Sister Poornima then addressed the VII, VIII and IX standard students of Prakash Vidyalaya in Dombivili. She spoke on how great things can be achieved by keeping a open mind and readiness to learn things from everywhere. The idea about Success and Failure was discussed and the students responded very enthusiastically. Here again she stressed on Grace of God and importance of prayers in one’s life. All the students chanted the Mahamantra with fervor and devotion.

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  1. John Says:

    Hello india. Nothing makes me happier than to know that you people talk about My king-God in heaven and am so glad. Please can you tell me where i can get an interactive session for choice of schooling for international students? I am considering applying for study in India. God bless you all!

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