A Bhakta Vijayam Saptaham was held at Udumalpet for seven days from 8th July to 14th July 2010 by Sri Ravi Kashyap Bhagavata. He discoursed on different charitras like Dhruva Charitra, Kunti Stuti, Brindavan Lila, Bhishma Stuti, Hanumad Prabhavam, Prahlada Stuti, Sri Bodendra Swamigal’s charitram, Uddhava Sandesham, Ajamila Charitram, Gajendra Stuti, Rukmini Sandesham and Andal Kalyanam.

Various Nama Sankirtan satsangs were held during the seven days including a Nagara Sankirtanam on the concluding day. Devotees expressed their delight and willingness to have more and more saptahams in future.

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