A Mass Prayer conducted by Global Organization for Divinity India Trust for the school students at Sardar Patel Bhavan, Bengaluru on 31st Jan’ 2009. The theme centered on how to prepare better for the exams combining with the Divine Grace. The hall was full house with over 1000 students across 25 schools who participated in the program.


The program began with a welcome address by Sri A Shankarnarayan. He briefed about the GOD India Trust’s activities and emphasized on the importance of giving the right directions to the young minds through various programs conducted by GOD India Trust for a better tomorrow.


This was followed by a motivational speech by Sri Gurumurthy in Kannada. He spoke at length on the importance of a calm mind to succeed better. Practical examples were cited to make the speech interesting, easy to be understood and relate to the daily chores of a student. He introduced the contemporary meaning of the divine name ‘Govindan’ with what it can do to us. ‘Go-Win-Done’ said Sri Gurumurthy amidst cheers from the young audience.

Sri MK Ramanujam speech in English was well received, which covered the concept of working smartly as against working hard. He beautifully drew a parallel to sharpening of the axe with sharpening of the mind through chanting of Divine names.


The whole hall was reverberating with the chanting of the Mahamantra led by Ramakrishna Bhajan Sabha along with the students. About 1000 voices chanted the sweet tune of the Mahamantra in unison creating a unique experience of intense divinity.

Smt Kanchana Sounder anchored the program and Sri Lakshminarayan delivered the vote of thanks.

The program was well supported by several Individuals and Corporate like

Mr Shankarnarayan – Pragathi Group
Mr.Suresh Bhai – TradeLinc
Mr.Chandra Kumar – Pustak
Mr. Krishnan and Balasubramanian – Krishna Sweets
Mr.Raja – RenRam Fashions
Mr.Pradeep – McDowell’s
Mr.Nandakumar – Challenge Printers
Mr.Paresh – Sapna Book House

Feedback forms were distributed to all the students. See below some of the feedback received…

‘I shall chant mantra till my last breath’

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