On 11th July 2010, a Workshop was organized in the Hindu center to interact with children and the teachers who take spiritual classess on a weekly basis. Sri Ramanujamji participated and led the workshop.

The first session was with the subjuniors – There were energetic children upto the 5th grade. They chanted shlokas sweetly. Then it was story time. Ramanujamji told the story of the Butter thief Krishna. THe children were very very overjoyed listening to the naughty leela of Krishna. Then a small quiz program was done with the group about details regarding Krishna leela. The session ended with Mahamantra chanting.

The second session was with Junior group who wqere 6 to 8 graders. They were learning sri rama rama ramethi shloka and the budhir bhalam shloka. Ramanujamji explained the background to the first shloka and explained word by word meaning of the second shloka. The 6-3-2 Mahamantra chanting was taught and practised. Mahamantra stickers were presented to all the children.

The third session was with the seniors, who were learning Ramayana. Some interesting aspects of Ramayana and the wonderful qualities of Sri Rama was discussed with the group. The session ended with mahamantra chanting.

The fourth session was with the new batch of teachers who have volunteered to teach in the Hindu center. Ramanujamji talked about the nobility of the teaching, esp if done voluntarily. Teaching is the easiest way to expand one’s consciousness and we learn rapidly as we teach. Ramanujamji congratulated the benign step to teach children selflessly.

The morning was fillled with sweet thoughts of the benign service The Hindu center is doing for the uplift of Singapore culture and values.

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