Sri Lakshmi Narayanan and Prof Sundaram of Krishnagiri had arranged for Prayer sessions at a few schools and colleges across Krishnagiri. Sri Balaji of our Satsang visited Krishnagiri and conducted these sessions from 27th January to 29th January 2009.
On 27th January 2009, Sri Balaji visited Sri Maruthi Matric School situated at V.Madepalli at Krishnagiri, at around 11.00 am and gave a motivational lecture. More than 150 students had assembled there. The lecture went on for about 90 minutes and concluded with a Mahamantra chanting. The students were very delighted and the Principal of the school conveyed his special thanks to our organization for such a noble task.

In the afternoon around 2.30 pm, he addressed a gathering of more than 100 students at Sri Sathya Sai Matric School situated at Kundarapalli, Krishnagiri. Sri Balaji dwelt on the attributes of Human mind and its powers with a few interesting parables. The session was made very lively with interactive discussions. The session ended with joyous chanting of Mahamantra by all the students and teachers.

In the evening around 4.00 pm. Sri Balaji addressed a gathering of more than 700 students at Chennasandram Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Krishnagiri. The students attended this session with a rapt attention. The lecture was about sharpening the mind with the power of prayer. The students were enthralled by certain valuable ideas suggested to them for their increased level of ability in whatever they do. All the students of the school chanted Mahamantra merrily.
On 28th January 2009, Sri Balaji addressed a gathering of little kids of Vidhya Mandir Primary School, Krishnagiri. The kids were in an elated mood when Sri Balaji beautifully narrated a few reminiscences from Krishna Leela. It was a treat listening to those kids chanting Mahamantra with their tender and sweet voice.

Later, Sri Balaji addressed more than 300 students of Nalanda Matric. Hr. Sec. School at around 12.30 pm. He dwelled on Positive thinking and its powers and concluded with the effect of prayers in achieving it.

In the evening at around 3.30 pm, he addressed more than 300 college girls of Govt. Arts College For Women, Krishnagiri, at a closed auditorium within the college premises. The lecture was on “How to lead a successful life” and was made very lively with many interactive discussions. All the college faculty members thanked us for such a noble initiative of ours.
On 29th January 2009, Sri Balaji addressed more than 100 students of Anna Arts And Science College, Krishnagiri at a closed auditorium within the college premises. It was a very lively session with a lot of infused humor so as to get the attention of a very youthful crowd assembled there. The topic was about the peaceful mind and its wonders. All the students participated with great joy and chanted Mahamantra in a meditative posture with great fervor.
All the sessions were beautifully organized and coordinated by Sri Lakshmi Narayanan and Prof. Sundaram of Krishnagiri Satsang. They are a doing a wonderful job of propagating Nama by organizing and coordinating such wonderful Satsangs at regular intervals and by initiating people in to chanting Mahamantra at various places of Krishnagiri.

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