1.30pm, 28th January 2009, KR HS School, Kovilpatti

Sri Nehru, Smt Kanchana Nehru and Sri Ramanujam went to the KR HS School Kovilpatti for performing Mass Prayer for senior students of the School. An ardent devotee of Sri Sri Swamiji, Sri Ilango had arranged for this prayer at this school.
Sri Ilango has taken the spirit of Sri Sri Swamiji’s teaching to spread the name – Mahamantra truly to the letter. It is evident if one pays a visit to his new home sanctified by Sri Sri Swamiji visit. His home virtually radiates the effulgence of Mahamantra. A picture is worth a thousand words and we attach a few! Even the overhead water tank had Mahamantra printed on its outer walls, visible to many from quite a distance!

The Administrative Officer of KR HS School warmly welcomed the team and soon a group of about 120 students were ready for the prayer meeting. The Administrative Officer welcomed the group and Sri Ramanujam started the speech with Mahamantra chanting.

Sri Ramanujam talked about importance of being open to learn and grow. The legend of how a team of beach maintenance officials, gave an open ear to a person belonging to the ranks to solve a major problem, which actually resulted in an innovation was told. The ‘empty your cup’ story was also narrated. Then necessity to Pray and chant was explained, and how even great scientists have been so humble and prayerful was also told to the students. The analogy of an Electric wire and the necessity to be ‘in contact’ with the wire to get the electric power was told to show, chanting and praying would help us establish the contact.


Then students were requested to sit straight and chant with attention. The children beautifully chanted the Mahamantra and after half minute of silent praying, Sri Ilango of Kovilpatti GOD Satsang gave a good summary of why we should chant. The function concluded with a brief note of thanks from Sri Nehru of Tuticorin Namadwaar and the Administrative Officer of the school.

The rain God showered for a few minutes exactly after the prayer meeting, as if acknowledging the sweet chant of all the students.
3.45 pm, 28th January 2009, Kammavar School, Kovilpatti
Sri Ilango of Kovilpatti GOD Satsang, Sri Nehru of GOD Namadwaar, Tuticorin and Sri Ramanujam visited the Kammavar School at 3.45 pm. The Principal was a genial lady firmly rooted in Spiritual values.
The function started with a short speech by the principal and to the surprise of the team, she chanted Mahamantra and the children followed sweetly. The whole school of 1000 children was congregated in an open ground. Then Sri Nehru introduced Sri Ramanujam and Sri Ilango spoke for about 10 minutes on importance of chanting.

Sri Ramanujam then talked about power of faith, using the anecdote of a great Swimmer Ms Florence Chadwick who swam across Californian sea to Catalina Island (21 miles). The power of her faith saw her through in record time. The secret formula of ‘GET’ principle (Grace, Efforts and Time) for success and Happiness was shared with the children. Voluntary inputs from the girls made the Prayer meet very lively and entertaining. After lecture of about 50 minutes, a teacher proposed vote of thanks. The children chanted in unison for about 10 minutes. The whole ambience was charged with the sweet Names of the Lord.


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