A  mass prayer for  students  who are to attend the  10th and 12th  board exams,  was  arranged  in Tirunelveli on 26 January ,2009 at the  Nellai Sangeetha  Sabha  at about  5.30pm. About  650 people  participated.

The  program started with a prayer  song by. Selvan.M.Sai  Kirubakaran. The   welcome address  was proposed  by  Smt.Kanchana  Nehru. She  gave  a brief introduction about  the  need for  a  prayer  and  narrated several incidents  to the  audience more inspiration. Sri.Ramanujamji  then took over  and gave  an inspiring speech about the Mahamantra.

Following this, the Mahamantra  was  chanted for about 10 minutes. Then,Sri.Ramanujam ji   was  honoured by Sri.Ramkumar, who was the overall program co-ordinator. Sri.Ramanujam ji honoured Sri.Natesan  and Sri.SelvaKumar  of Tirunelveli  who   assisted  in the program and  venue arrangements.

Several   people  came  forward  to express  their  views  about  the  program. Mrs.Rajini Selva Kumar  gave the  vote of thanks and the program concluded with the National Anthem.
All the attendees were given Prasadam.

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