GOD India Trust organized a mass prayer on 25th January 2009 at Kamarajar Hall, Teynampet, Chennai for the benefit of the students who are going to attend their 10th and 12th standard Board examinations. Over 2000 students had participated in this mass prayer.

The mass prayer started at around 10.00 am, with Sri Balaji introducing the speakers of the day, Dr Bhagyanathan, Personal Secretary to Sri Sri Swamiji and Sri M K Ramanujam. Then Sri Balaji Ramachandran gave the welcome address. He welcomed all the participants and spoke about the mission of GOD India for around 10 minutes in a short and crisp manner. He also welcomed both the speakers for the day.

Then Dr Bhagyanathan took over. He captivated the students with his brilliant speech in English for over 45 minutes. He spoke about concentration and focused on “never say die” attitude, positive thinking. Sri Sri Swamiji used to say, “Demoralization is devilish.  Motivation and optimism is divine.  Disregard anything that belittles your self-confidence.” Dr Bhagyanathan’s speech echoed this saying of Sri Sri Swamiji. The students were spell bound by the speech.

After the lecture in English, Sri M K Ramanujam took over. He spoke in Tamil and captivated the students by his usual wits and small anecdotes from real life. He narrated the story of a woodcutter, which stressed on how the woodcutter guides his son to succeed in life. This was well received by the students. It was more of an interactive session, where he posed questions to the students, who replied wonderfully. He also spoke on how to overcome fear, how prayer is important even without faith, why prayer should be supplemented with efforts i.e. GET (Grace, Effort, Time) theory. He kept the students fully engaged by his lecture.

After his speech, “Hare Rama..” Mahamantra was chanted for around 10 minutes to ensure success for the students in their ensuing examinations. The students joined the chanting with full involvement. This was followed by short speeches by two students, who elaborated on how they had benefited from last year Students Mass Prayer. There was a tremendous applause for them when the completed their speeches.

At the end, Sri Gurumurthy Venkateswaran, proposed the vote of thanks. The sessions came to a close with the singing of our National Anthem.

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Over 50 schools from in and around Chennai had participated in this mass prayer. All the students were given pens, Hare Rama stickers and Kumkum prasad. The teachers who accompanied the students were given Sri Sri Swamiji’s publications in English. The students and the teachers were very happy to be part of this mass prayer and wanted this to be a regular fixture every year.

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