Sri Ramakrishnan and Smt Chandra Ramakrishnan of Karaikudi arranged for motivational lectures combined with prayer sessions at various schools across Karaikudi, for the benefit of students appearing for their board exams and also arranged a few Satsangs across Karaikudi. Sri Balaji from GOD India Trust visited Karaikudi and addressed all these lectures and conducted these Satsangs.
On 20th January 2009, at around 2.30 pm Sri Balaji addressed a gathering of more than 950 students at Azhagappa Matriculation Higher Secondary School. Sri Swaminathan, the Principal of the school was deeply interested in arranging this programme for the welfare of all the Xth and XIIth students appearing for their board exams. Sri Balaji dwelled on importance of mind power and its wonders with a reflection on the story of Dhruva, which lured all the students. A few students came forward to give their valuable feedbacks and they all chanted Mahamantra with great enthusiasm. Sri Swaminathan conveyed his heart felt thanks to our organization for such a noble endeavor of ours.

At around 4.45 pm, Sri Balaji visited Ramanathan Chettiar Higher Secondary School at Puduvayal. Students of Sri Saraswathi Vidya Girls Higher Secondary School of the neighboring locality had also assembled there in the same school at the prayer assembly ground. There were more than 350 students. Sri Balaji talked about the positive attitude with which one should approach their life with a few parables and explained how prayers help them attain the positive mind set and self-confidence. The program ended with a Mahamantra chanting session. Sri V Muthuvel, Head Master of the Ramanathan Chettiar School and Smt R Sivakamasundari, Head Mistress of the Sri Saraswathi  Vidya Girls Higher Secondary School expressed their deep gratitude for such a motivating session .
In the evening, a Satsang was organized at Sri Karpaga Vinayagar temple, TT Nagar, Karaikudi. More than 25 people attended this session. Sri Balaji generally talked about greatness of Bhakti and the essence of it, which is Bhagavan Nama. This session ended with a small chanting session. All the attendees of this session expressed their desire for a weekly chanting session at the temple premises. Smt Chandra Ramakrishnan will be coordinating with them in organizing this weekly chanting.
On 21st January 2009, at around 3.00 pm Sri Balaji addressed the students of Chittal Aachi Memorial High School at Kandanur. The lecture was held at a closed auditorium and more than 150 students appearing for their Xth board exams attended this session. Sri Chinnayah, Head Master of this school was very interested in organizing such a session at their school. Sri Balaji explained about the great potential lying deep within everybody and the way mind should be tamed in bringing out this energy. After the lecture, all the students chanted Mahamantra with a deep conviction that they would win with the Grace of the Lord. The Head Master of this school expressed his abundant happiness for such a valuable session.
In the late evening, a Satsang was organized at Sri Lakshmi temple, Palaiyur. Sri Balaji lectured for about one and a half hours on Bhakti and Namavaibhavam, extolling the greatness of Bhaktas and their joy filled life through Ambarisha charitra ..He also said that the main deity of the temple, Goddess Lakshmi, the very form of the Lord’s mercy would be so pleased and shower her blessings if Mahamantra is chanted here. More than 40 people attended this Satsang and assured that they shall do a chanting every week on Fridays.
On 22nd January 2009, Sri Balaji addressed a gathering of more than 120 students of Maharishi Vidya Mandir Matriculation Higher Secondary School and Raghavendra Matriculation Higher Secondary School at Rama Navami Mandapam at around 10.00 am in the morning. The lecture was attended by the students with rapt attention. The lecture was generally about mind and it’s powers. The mind, when it remains calm and peaceful, becomes the absolute medium to transmit the great potential energy lying within us, which boosts our self-confidence also. The students were made to contemplate on this fact and everybody chanted Mahamantra for around 5 minutes, praying for their success and prosperity.
Sri Krishnaswamy, Sri Ramakrishnan and Smt Chandra Ramakrishnan, who are our local volunteers were highly instrumental in coordinating these Satsangs and are highly bent upon spreading Sri Sri Swamiji’s message across Karaikudi.

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