The 3rd Year Annual Day Celebrations of Madhurya Sloka Class conducted by Bhuvana Kumar was held in Koramangala on the 17th July 2010. Over a 100 children have been a part of this journey since the commencement of the classes in July 2007.

This year featured a variety of entertainment program(s) commencing with a Ganesh stuthi. Different age group (s) of children performed a mix of dance, play, slokas recitation, heritage quiz, storytelling, Mahamantra divyanam etc.

Children in the age group of 4- 6 yrs. performed a dance set to the famous song “Natawarlal Giridhar Gopal”. This was followed by Sri Krishna Sudama Play. Children above 6 yrs then performed a dance sequence set to the most divine song “Maraindhu Vandhu Vennai thirudum Kalla Krishna”. All the children then participated in a Heritage Quiz revolving around the history of Rama & Krishna. A few children then narrated some of the moral stories learnt in the class. An added attraction to the function was the performance by the children from Kalkere village, who danced in the divyanamam style to the chanting of Hare Rama Mahamantra. Every child dressed in the costume of Krishna & Gopi depicted a truly divine environment.

The audience present was overjoyed by the versatility of events featured in the Annual day function.

This year, we had the privilege to honour Sri Naveen Bhatt since it was he who inaugurated the first session of the Class 3 years back. Sri. Naveenji then spoke about the power of “Bhagwan Nama” and how “Nama” alone can take us to a level of attaining spiritual upliftment as well as material benefits that we desire. Over a 100 people (parents and well-wishers) were present on the occasion

Smt. Rajni Sridhar, Sri. Sridharji, Smt. Vijayalakshmi, Sri Krishnadas from GOD organization participated in the function.

Many parents volunteered to join the cause of our “GOD” Organization to the service of children & mankind.

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