Satsang was conducted at Thiruthuraipoondi, Tiruvarur district of Tamil Nadu on 10th January 2009. Sri K Thulasidas, who is having his own printing press there, organized this Satsang. This is the first time our volunteers are visiting this town and excellent arrangements were made by Sri Thulasidas.

The venue of the Satsang was Sri Rama Bhavanam, Rama Nama Vazhipattu Sabai, Thiruthuraipoondi, where Rama Nama is being chanted for the last 25 years. Sri Srikanth, Sri Sundararaman and Sri Vijayakumar of GOD, Chennai conducted the Satsang. Nama started at the Temple around 6.15 pm in the evening and went on for 10 minutes. Then Sri Srikanth gave an introduction about GOD Trust and the also about the importance of Nama Mahimai.

Then the kirtan written by Sri Sri Swamiji “Kaliyayum Balikollum…..” was sung. Sri Srikanth and Sri Sundararaman gave explanations for some lines in between. All the devotees were highly attentive till the end of the Satsang. Sri Sri Swamiji’s photos, Rama Nama Note books and stickers were distributed to all the devotees. The devotees there wanted more such Satsangs be conducted at their place.

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