Shri. Balaji of our satsang visited Tirutani on the 10th &11th of Jan 2009 and conducted satsangs at various parts of Tirutani during these two days. Sri.Shrihari, an agriculturist and an ardent devotee of Sri Sri Swamiji,who stays at a village called Amirthapuram near Tirutani arranged for these satsangs very meticulously.

On the 10th January 2009,Shri.Balaji gave a short lecture at  Rama temple (Bhajan mutt)  situated at Tirutani town. He talked about the greatness of Nama and the great qualities of Lord Hanuman, as explained in the Sundara kanda, whose prabhava is none other than Nama Prabhava. More than 25 people attended the session and chanted Mahamantra at the end of the session.

In the afternoon, Sri.Balaji addressed more than 300 students of Gengu Swamy Naidu Matriculation Higher Seconday School at their school premises in a closed auditorium. He generally dwelled on the importance of mind power in bringing out the great potential energy lying deep in everybody and explained how Mahamantra goes a long way in helping them reach it. The session ended with all the children chanting the Mahamantra with a great spirit in the meditative posture.

In the evening around 3.30 pm, Sri Balaji addressed a small gathering at Amirthapuram .It is the house where Sri.Shrihari’s maternal grand parents live. More than 30 people gathered there. Sri.Balaji  lectured about nama prabhavam and explained the mercy of the Lord in protecting the devotees who chant His Names, by explaining the story of Thondaradipodi Azhwar. Sri.Shrihari conducts Mahamantra chanting sessions every week at his residence situated at Amirthapuram.

In the late evening, a visit to a village called Gollakuppam situated on the route to Tirupati. Most of the people out there were basically Telugu speaking. The satsang took place at Sri Srinivasa temple where all the village people congregate on every Saturday for their bhajan satsangs. Sri.Balaji addressed a crowd of  more than 35 people about the greatness of Mahamantra. They already have the practice of chanting Mahamantra and hence started merrily singing Mahamantra for more than 20 minutes in various tunes which was a great treat to hear.

On the 11th January 2009, in the afternoon Sri.Balaji went to a village called Beerakuppam near Tirutani, where Sri.Udayakumar a school teacher arranged for a satsang at a very old Ramar temple in the centre of the village. More than 40 people assembled there. Sri Balaji talked for about 1 hour and the entire crowd was wonder struck listening to the Nama Prabhava. The session ended with a small chanting session. Sri.Udayakumar assured that he shall organise for a chanting session at the temple premises every Sunday  in the evening.
Later Sri Balaji addressed a small gathering at a Bhajan mandir situated at a place called K.G. Kandigai near Tirutani which was organised by Sri. Suresh, in-charge of the temple. It  was a short lecture on Nama Vaibhavam extolling the greatness of Ram Nam, as the core theme of Sundara Kanda in Ramayana.

In the evening, at around 6.30 pm, Sri Balaji gave a lecture at Shri Vasavi Temple,Tirutani. More than 50 people attended the session and were spell bound through out the session. Sri Balaji dwelled on the importance of Nama in the age of Kali and explained how Andal was able to make the Lord emerge from his Archavatara form and marry him and became one with him by her sheer Bhakti in the form of Namakirtan. At the end of the session, one of the prime trustees of the temple thanked Sri Balaji for such a wonderful session and assured that they shall have a chanting session at the temple premises every Saturday in the evening .

Sri.Shrihari of Tirutani was highly instrumental in arranging these satsangs and is highly devoted in spreading Sri Sri Swamiji’s message across Tirutani.

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