With the benign grace of Sri Sri Swamiji, a mass prayer for global peace and welfare took place on 1st January 2009 at the famous temple town of Thirukoshtiyur, situated in Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu, under the under the auspices of ‘GLOBAL ORGANISATION FOR DIVINITY INDIA TRUST’. The mass prayer took place at a hall called “Thiru Nambigal Thiru Maaligai”, with the meticulous support and patronage of the trustees of GOD INDIA TRUST. GOD Satsang members from various places and the general public participated in large numbers. In continuation with the mass prayers on the new year day for the past two years, this mass prayer also went on with the same grandeur and magnificence.

More than 800 satsang members from various places of Tamil Nadu participated in the Mass prayer. The function started at around 6.00 PM with a pooja performed by our Madurai Nama Dwaar in-charge Sri Naraharidas .The invocatory verses of Thirukural was sung as the prayer by one of our Satsang devotees from Madurai.

Sri Balaji Ramachandran who is also dearly called as Kachiyappa Nambiji, gave the welcome address. He gave a beautiful delineation about the formation of GOD INDIA TRUST and its activities to all those who assembled there and also greeted them for a prosperous and happy new year.

Followed by the welcome address, few Satsang members shared their scintillating Nama experiences. Smt Mythili, a devotee from Madurai wonderfully portrayed as to how her son was saved from a fatal accident by the divine vibes of Nama. Smt Kanchana Nehru from Tuticorin described how a very ardent Satsang member of Tuticorin got employment by the grace of Nama. Smt Savithri Ramakrishnan of Thanjavur told us how Lord’s divine names rejoined a family and Sri Balaraman of Chennai explained about the drastic changes brought about in his life by the sheer grace of Bhagawan Nama.

Followed by this session, GOD INDIA TRUST members honored the devotees who were instrumental in organizing this mass prayer. Sri Nehru, Smt Kanchana Nehru, Sri Vasudevan, Sri Ramanujadasan, Sri Selvakumar, Sri Ramanujam, Sri Madhavan wer honoured.

After this, Sri M K Ramanujam started his lecture. His spoke on the history of Thirukoshtiyur and the relevance of having the Mass prayer at this place by quoting from history. He dwelt in detail on Sri Ramanujar’s life history.

After the lecture, all the devotees chanted Mahamantra for world peace and also to satisfy their individual needs. The chanting was for around 15 minutes. It was a sight to behold to see more than 800 devotees chanting the Lord’s Name in unison. At the end of the chanting, Sri Nehru proposed the vote of thanks.

After the lecture, Annadanam was arranged for more than 1000 people. With the blessings and grace of Sri Sri Swamiji, the mass prayer went on well. Sri Balaji and Sri Poornima took care of compeering during the mass prayer.

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