Recently many Satsangs were conducted in and around Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu. Sri Balaji of GOD Satsang, Chennai had visited and spoke at all places where Satsang was arranged.

Find below Sri Balaji’s experiences of his visit to Krishnagiri.

Sri Laksminarayanan of Krishnagiri arranged a two days lecture, on the 29th and 30th of December, 2008 at Krishnagiri. The venue was Shanti Kalyana Mandapam, the place were Sri Ramanujamji had done a mass prayer earlier. The topics for the lecture were Sant Namdev and Sant Thukkaram respectively. I reached Krishnagiri early on 29th December 2008. Sri Lakshminarayanan and Prof. Sundaramji received me very cordially and all arrangements for my stay were made at Prof. Sundaramji’s residence.

The first day programme started with a school visit in the morning at around 11.00 a.m. Mr.Anbu, the correspondent of Sri Saraswathi Vidyalaya Matric Higher Secondary School was kind enough to grant us a session at his school premises, situated at a place called Kundarapalli, Krishnagiri. More than 100 students assembled there along with the Principal and teachers. We generally dwelled on self-confidence and the ways of improving it and at last explained how Nama helps them go a long way in attaining it. The programme ended with an enthusiastic chanting of Mahamantra by the students.

In the afternoon, we visited a school called Vivekananda Matric Higher Secondary School. The school also has a Teachers training college in the same premises. I happened to address the Teachers training students along with the Class X students. We discussed about the greatness of God’s creation and the factor “love” which binds the entire universe and also explained them how Nama chanting helps them lead a better life. The session was very interactive and everybody chanted with great interest. More than 100 students had assembled in a closed auditorium.

In the evening, lectures were held at Shanti Kalyana Mandapam. Sri Lakshminarayanan along with Prof. Sundaram made all arrangements at the hall. The lectures on life of Sant Namdev and Sant Thukkaram started at around 7.00pm and went on till 8.30 pm on both days. More than 150 people attended it with great joy and were wonder struck listening to the glories of Bhaktas and the greatness of their bhakti. Every day the lecture ended with a small chanting session and everybody’s joy knew no bounds when they did Mahamantra Kirtan. During the last day lecture, people who were instrumental for the GOD Satsangs to happen at Krishnagiri were honored on behalf of GOD INDIA TRUST.

On 30th December 2008, in the morning we went to a school Sri Sai Krishna Vidya Giri Matric Higher Secondary School, at a place called Avathanappatti near Krishnagiri. More than 75 students gathered there for this session and Mr Krishnan, the correspondent of the school welcomed us with a great respect. We had a very lively interactive session with the students and they all chanted Mahamantra merrily.

After this we set off to a place called Agraharam at Krishnagiri. Mr Nagoji Rao who is engaged in doing Pandari Bhajan in this area, at a local Panduranga temple belonging to their family, arranged for this session at his residence. More than 75 college girls who were on their way to NSS camp gathered at this place. We talked about Prayers and their benefits and made everybody chant Mahamantra.

 A Nagara Kirtan was also arranged on the 30th morning. More than 20 people joined us during the Nagara Kirtan which started off from a Pillayar temple at around 6.30 a.m. and we reached the temple back at around 7.15 a.m. walking through the main streets and roads of Krishnagiri.

Sri Laksmi Narayanan and Prof.Sundaram beautifully organized all the programmes. Apart from this Mrs.Sundaram, who hosted me with a great hospitality, accompanied me to all the places. Sri Suresh (one who does pooja at a local Hanuman temple), Sri Manikandan (son of Sri Lakshminarayanan) and Sri Shiva (son-in-law of Sri Lakshminarayanan) were of great help to us during these Satsangs.

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