With the blessings of Sri Sri Swamiji and local support, our GOD India Trust had organized for Mass Prayer in Dindigul on 20th and 21st of December 2008.

On 20th December 2008, the function started with an introduction by Sri Ramachandran about our GOD India Trust and a brief outline about the activities being conducted by the Trust followed by speech of Sri M K Ramanujam, the main speaker of the function.


Sri M K Ramanujam expounded the significance of Nama Sankirtan by citing lucid examples and parables.  He emphasized that Nama chanting is the easiest practice that can be followed by everyone in today’s hectic scenario and concluded that Nama Sankirtan is the easiest and surest path to attain liberation. The audience welcomed the discourse with reverence and deep faith. 

On 21st December 2008, the program started with a pooja and followed by “Kadavul Vazhthu” invocation.  Sri Sankar and Smt Uma Sankaram from Vathalagundu Satsang and Sri Krishna Chaitanya Das from Periyakulam Satsang briefed about their personal experiences, which the audience listened with rapt attention and applauded with their response. 


Later Sri M K Ramanujam, in his discourse illustrated the Pathigams, Pasurams and said that every living being in this universe undertake huge tasks only to be happy and be in the state of constant bliss, whereas, the mundane tasks do seldom give happiness, which is temporary and chanting of Divine Names will cut the chord of misery and unhappiness.

Immediately after his speech, a group of 20 ladies from Imayam Nagar lead by Smt.Chitra came up to the dais and chanted “Mahamantra”.  The whole hall was reverberating with the Mahamantra and everyone chanted with great unison and devotion.

Sri Ramachandran anchored the whole function and ended with vote of thanks. The audience was receptive and spellbound and over 700 people attended the function. This program was well coordinated by Sri P V Subbiah, Sri N R Vijayasekaran, Sri S K C Kuppuswamy, Sri S Kumar (Auditor), Sri D V Jayaraman (Auditor), Sri P Raghunatha Iyengar,  Sri Ranga Bashyam, Sri Sachidanandam, Sri Gnanapandithan  and others from Dindugal. Sri Thiyagarajan and Sri Hariharan of Chennai Satsang also participated in this function.

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