On 17th December, 2008, three volunteers from Bangalore Satsang, Smt. Vijayalakshmi, Smt. Krithika and Smt. Kanchana visited Government High School, Kalkere in Bangalore, and conducted lectures on positive thinking and importance of Nama.  The school people had shown their eagerness for the said program earlier.
The students were divided into two groups viz. classes V to VII, and VIII to X for the interactive lecture session.  Totally there were about 500 children. After speaking on the need for positive thinking (the material for which were obtained from none other than Sri Sri Swamiji’s discourses and books), the children were explained about the Mahamantra, greatness of the same, and the benefits of chanting it.  The response was exhilarating.  The session concluded with the enthusiastic chanting of the Mahamantra 11 times by all the students.

Special mention is to be made about the High School Headmistress (there is another HM for the primary and middle wing) Mrs. Nazima, who has expressed her wish for similar such programs from us in future, on a monthly basis. A 10th standard class teacher has assured that she would include chanting of the Mahamantra 3 times before commencing the classes everyday.

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