Satsang was organized at some places in and around Ambasamudram. On 13th December 2008, Sri Srikanth of our Chennai Satsang had been to Radhapuram, a place in between Valliyur and Tiruchendur along with one devotee from Ambasamudram Namadwaar. This is the first time that Nama Sankirtan is being conducted at that place. On that day, the deity in the temple was taken in a procession and hence there was a considerable number of devotees at the local temple. There were around 50 devotees at that time. Mahamantra was chanted for 15 minutes. Nama was also chanted when the deity was taken in a procession around the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. After this, Sri Srikanth of Chennai Satsang gave a small lecture on the importance of chanting the Mahamantra. There was a good response from the devotees and they have agreed to have Nama Sankirtan at their temple on all Saturdays henceforth. This program was arranged through one of the devotees of Ambasamudram Namadwaar.

Sri Ramanan, coordinator at the Ambasamudram Namadwaar along with one other devotee had visited Valliyur on 13th December 2008. People there were interested in starting Satsang at their place. Satsang was organized at one of the devotee’s house there. There were around 25 participants and they have agreed to chant Nama atleast once a week.

Sri Vasantharajan of Chennai Satsang had visited Pappankulam, a small place around 15 kms from Ambasamudram on 13th December 2008. Sri Mayandi of Kalsundu Colony, a place near Ambasamudram, accompanied him. Nagara Sankirtan was arranged at Pappankulam. There were more than 75 children and 5 elders who had participated in the Nagara Sankirtan. The Nagara Sankirtan started from Sri Ramaswamy temple, which is at the center of the village. The devotees went through some of the main streets in the village and culminated at the temple again. The children chanted Nama very enthusiastically. The program came to an end with a grand “Maha Aarathi” to the Lord amidst chanting of Mahamantra and distribution of “Prasadam” to all the devotees. This program was arranged by Smt. Chellamal Varadarajan of Ravanasamudram Satsang.

After this, Sri Vasantharajan visited Sri Srinivasa Perumal temple at Azhwarkurichi, where a new Satsang was recently started. Devotees there chant Mahamantra at the temple on all Sundays. There were around 15 devotees at the temple. Nama was chanted for sometime and Sri Vasantharajan gave a short lecture on the importance of Nama and the origin of Mahamantra to the devotees. Smt Chellamal Varadarajan of Ravanasamudram Satsang was instrumental in organizing the program here.

On 14th December 2008, Nagara Sankirtan was done at two places

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