On invitation from MCN Higher Secondary School, T. Nagar, Sri Venkateswaran of GOD Satsang Chennai, addressed the X, XI and XII std. students on 25th November 2008. During his speech, he referred to Wilma Rudolph, the physically challenged Olympian who could win Gold Medal by her constant efforts and self confidence and told that students should never carry their problems always without finding a solution then and there.




He added that Effort and Time Management are the best tools for one to achieve one’s goal. He also referred to Martin Luther King’s struggle for equal civil rights for Blacks in USA and as a result American Blacks could secure due rights on the basis of equality. Finally he requested the students to call God by his name, which alone can do wonders and the students chanted Mahamantra few times. About 100 students participated, who were all from low-income group. This program was organized by Smt Savitri Vasudevan of T. Nagar, Chennai.

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